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Zodiac Signs


The world of Astrology is as vast and deep as one can imagine. There are several intriguing and interesting aspects related to the science of Astrology. However, one such aspect that grabs everyone’s attention is Astrology and Zodiac Signs.

There are 12 Zodiac signs belonging to 12 months respectively. So, a particular month in which you are born basically tells about your Sun Sign. According to one’s sun sign, you can determine your yearly, monthly and daily horoscope. Nowadays, one can check their Horoscope in English or My Rashifal in Hindi online, as well, to find out how their year, month or day is going to fare.

Apart from Horoscope predictions, each sign is also associated with certain typical characteristics that define them and in a way frames their personality. Here is a glimpse on certain basic characteristics of each Zodiac sign. Take a look!


A fiery sign ruled by the Fire element, Aries can be perceived as courageous and adventurous souls.

They do not refrain from taking risks and are high on willpower and determination. Confidence and clarity of thought are their strengths.

However, their short-tempered and impatient behavior can often prove to be a hindrance in their path towards success.

Their success is assured if they work on this weakness and place a bet on their clarity of thought.

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Taurus love luxury and splendor. They are romantic beings and their affinity towards all things stylish and beautiful is quite apparent.

Materialistic as people belonging to this sign might appear but they prefer being secure and stable in life. When it comes to friendships and relationships, they are loyal to the letter.

At the same time, they are extremely possessive of people and things that belong to them which is often perceived as selfishness. Besides this, they are really amazing friends who you can count on.


Being an Air sign, a Gemini will always come across as mentally alert and active. They are intelligent people with a zest of learning and knowing life.

Quick-witted, their communication prowess is incredible.

Jack of all trades, they like living life to the fullest. But, they have a tendency to fret over small things and worry too much.

Geminis take too much undue stress and do not know how to manage it effectively. Moreover, they are a little judgmental as well and easily form opinion about others.

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Cancer is called the ‘Mother of the Zodiac’ owing to their loving and caring nature.

They are extremely emotional and sentimental beings and give a lot of value to the important things and people in their life.

It is ruled by the Water element and hence are quiet sensitive and protective towards their loved ones.

One characteristic that one should watch out for in a Cancer is their mood swings.

Sometimes they can get over emotional which can prove detrimental to them.


Leo, symbolized by Lion are the rulers of the Zodiac.

They are dominating but also have the knack of being an excellent leader at the same time.

Despite their dominating nature, Leo are caring, open-minded, generous and true extroverts which makes them a favorite amongst people.

They are King in every word as they have deep love for luxury and magnificence.  Temper-control and being way too bossy are the weak points which they have to work on.


Virgo is an Earth sign attached to its roots with no air about anything. They are perfectionist to the core and analyse every situation deeply.

They love order in life and refrain from doing anything out of impulse.

Virgo would not reach to any conclusion or outcome until and unless they have given it a deep thought and analysed it extensively.

However, extremity of such kind of behavior can be a problem.

They tend to become over-critical of the people and things around them pinpointing everything which they do not find perfect. It sometimes goes to the extent of annoying others.


Libra, similar to their symbol are quite balanced in nature. They perceive every situation with an unbiased eye and believe in taking decisions fair and square.

They very well know how to stay composed and keep a calm demeanor even when the circumstances are against them.

Romantics to the core, they want peace and serenity in their life as well as in the world. Although they are balanced and fair in nature, but it gets difficult when it comes to taking the personal decision.

Libra are easily influenced by others which leads to indecision and confusion, at times.


Scorpio has a charming, magnetic personality and a penetrating gaze.

They can easily read other people’s minds and possess sharp intuition powers.

Scorpio are quite adamant once they have taken a decision or formed an opinion about someone. They are quite clear about what they want and the way to accomplish the same.

Despite being highly emotional, it is difficult for them to display their emotions as they consider it as a sign of being weak.

They are quite possessive which gives birth to jealousy as well.

A Scorpio never lets any wrongdoer go, they take their revenge in one or other way.


Full of optimism – this is what describes a true Sagittarius. They are adventurous, full of life and possess a vibrant personality.

They like to explore new avenues and have the courage to take risks. Fun-loving and jovial, they are life of the party and can brighten the surroundings wherever they go.

They are outspoken and sometimes this behavior can hurt others without them realizing it.


Ambitious, practical and disciplined, Capricorn are rightly called the ‘Father Of the Zodiac’.

It is an earth sign and is highly career-oriented and ambitious.

They always eye the top and leave no stone unturned to achieve their goals.

Perseverance and never giving up are their most important traits. They take life quite seriously and can often come across as rigid and orthodox.


Aquarius like to live their life in the most unorthodox manner.

They like doing all things which the world does not agree with. They are creative in their own right and others might find them a little crazy and strange.

They savor their freedom immensely and would never compromise with it as they keeps on moving according to the planetary postions

But, this does not stop them from valuing the people they love.

Packing of their emotional quotient is a little low and this is the reason they might appear careless and indifferent to others.

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Pisces is a water sign. They are the dreamers of the Zodiac and are highly sensitive and emotional.

Extremely helpful and kind, they can even go out of their way to help the people they love and care for.

Pisces are highly sympathetic towards others emotions and feelings and would never hurt anyone. They lack in willpower and determination and it is easy to influence them.

They live in their fantasy world and if the reality gets adverse they tend to go into their shell refusing to confront the problems.

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