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World Day Against Child Labour -12 June 2019

World Day against Child Labour is observed on June 12 every year. It takes place across the globe to raise awareness about the graveness of child labour and the need to improve the safety and health of child workers and to end child labour completely. Millions of children all over the world are suffering from child labour.

Child Labour – The Statistics Today

Universally, 541 million child workers (between the ages of 15 and 24) represent 15 % of the world’s labour force. They suffer from 40% work-related injuries than adult workers (laborers over 24). Moreover, a dangerous work environment can be a risk to their lives.

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152 million kids ( 5-17 years) around the globe are working as child labourers, out of which 73 million perform work which is dangerous owing to the type of work and the conditions in which it is done. In the age when their focus must be on learning, school, nourishment and wellbeing, they are pushed into hazardous work environment which not only harms their health but totally darkens their future, as well.

Child labour is rampant in many countries. The main cause is poverty. Children are forced to work for money in spite of the fact that the work environment can cause injuries even expose them to life-risking hazards.  Some of the companies hire children to save the production cost.

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Hazardous child labour affects 45 million boys and 28 million girls. It is the worst form of child labour. Most of these children work in agriculture, mines, construction sites and factories. Other areas where children are employed in huge numbers include hotels, restaurants or domestic works

How To End Child Labour

The conditions might get worse if we do not take a step towards stopping this ghastly act. This is a high time to take action and this is why World Day Against Child Labour was introduced to make people more aware of the harm it is doing to the overall society. This day brings together government, work organizations, employees, civil society and as well as millions of people across the world to highlight the plight of child labourers and to figure out what can be done to stop this activity and help them.

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We need to act now so that all children get a quality education and an opportunity to grow up in a healthy, clean, secure and safe environment. By doing this, we can secure their future for betterment. Here are certain things that can be done to eliminate child labour entirely.  

  1.     Strengthen the Law

The government should introduce the time limit of working hours for children, who have to work, as well as the working premises should have proper food facility. Also, they should work in good conditions. The government should give harsh punishment to the companies for breaking the law or infringing on the basic rights of children. Furthermore, the government should formulate certain policies that help students living in difficult circumstances and provide them with proper schooling as well as increase their family’s income.   

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  1.     Report a Potential Trafficking Situation

If you suspect any child in your city who may be a victim of child trafficking, you should report it immediately to the officials.

  1.     Support from Multinational Organization

Multinational organizations could come out in support of eliminating child labour. They can make their conditions better as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

If we unite, we can stop child labour! Let’s contribute our bit to raise our voice against child labour. It is time to help the helpless children and provide them a better future!!!

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