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World Blood Donor Day, 14 June 2020

Every year on 14th June, countries around the globe observe the World Blood Donor Day. It takes place across the world to make people aware of the need for safe blood and to appreciate the blood donors for their voluntary, life-saving gift to the world. Blood is always an essential resource for both planned treatments and urgent interventions. WHO has estimated that blood donation by 1% can meet a nation’s most basic requirement for blood.

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Why Is Blood Donation Important?

Blood donation aides and protects millions of lives each year. It can help patients experiencing fatal conditions, complex medical problems and surgeries live longer and enjoy a good quality of life. It also has a significant, life-saving part in maternal and perinatal care. Access to safe and adequate blood can help decrease rates of death and disability which can be due to extreme bleeding during mother’s delivery time and after childbirth.

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In numerous nations, there isn’t sufficient supply of safe blood. Blood donation services do not meet the expectation of making adequate blood accessible, while also guaranteeing its safety and quality.

An ample supply must be guaranteed through regular donations by unpaid blood givers or donors. The WHO’s objective is for all nations to get all their blood supplies from unpaid donors by 2020. In 2014, 60 nations had their national blood supplies with 99-100% voluntary blood donations, while 73 countries of the world still depend on family and paid donors.

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The Theme of World Blood Donor Day 2020

In 2019, WHO has adopted  “Be there for someone else. Give blood. Share life” as the slogan to make people more acquainted with the importance of voluntary blood donation. The theme of World Blood Donor Day 2020 is ‘Blood Connects Us All.’

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How to Celebrate World Blood Donor Day?

The best and the only way to celebrate World Blood Donor Day is to step outside your house and donate blood! There is a strong need for blood of all types, and there’s rarely enough available. Just a single contribution now and then will help many lives, so get out there and donate!!!

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Objectives 2020

The objectives that are laid down by WHO this year are:

  • To urge all individuals to strengthen the crisis preparation of health service in their community by giving blood.
  • To include experts in the foundation of national blood giver programs who possess the ability to react speedily to the increase in blood demand amid a crisis.
  • To advance the incorporation of blood transfusion services in national crisis with readiness and response exercises.
  • To make as many people aware about the dire need for blood donation, keeping in mind the end goal to secure sufficient supplies and accomplish national self-support of blood.
  • To celebrate and thank people who give blood consistently and to urge youngsters to become new blood donors too.

Blood is the most precious present that anyone can give to humankind. It is a Gift of life. Try and be a part of it!

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