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What Should Your Winter Travel Destination Be As Per Your Zodiac


This definitely does not mean that the White Walkers are coming or anything else but this familiar GoT quote here is used just to give a dramatic feel to the most-awaited season- WINTER. 

With the smell of warm and cozy garments for this season, people will soon start filling up their food stocks. And at the same time, they will think about making plans to travel this winter. 

So, do you have any plans? Are you also looking to find a destination for this vacation? Well, I’m sure you must be searching for an option actively but have you ever thought how would it be to decide zodiac travel destinations as per your zodiac signs? It sounds so thrilling to travel as per the zodiac signs.

So are you ready to experience a holiday planned by your stars? Pull your seat belts folks because we are on board and the flight shall stop only on the prescribed location of your travel horoscope by date of birth.

Winter Travel Destination As Per Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries- Himachal Pradesh/ Greece

Aries zodiac winter travel guide

Being energetic, adventurous, and daring, you can pick up destinations that satiate your adventure pangs. Going to a solo or an all friends trip in Himachal Pradesh where you can trail onto trekking or sledding, will help you consume some extra energy that you possess. Alternatively, exploring the undercover areas of North-East India will be very impressive to a person like you. If you wish to see some foreign beauty without any hassle, then in accordance with the travel astrology 2019 Greece will be the perfect place for you to discover.

2. Taurus- Goa/Paris

Taurus zodiac winter travel guide

Your vacation is less about exploring and more about lavishness and comfort, Taurian. Sipping on fine wine, laying on a shack, eating comfort food, watching the sunset is all you want. For such a luxury experience in the Winter season, you can think of booking the tickets to Goa, Andaman, or Kerala. Alternatively, to get the vibes of ‘love is in the air’, you can think about getting your vacation in Paris, tells your travel horoscope by date of birth

3. Gemini- Udaipur/Singapore 

Gemini zodiac winter travel guide

Your social personality may take you to the areas where you would want to explore the native culture, traditions, and people. For this, you can think about exploring cities that are rich in heritage. Your ideal destinations can be Agra, Udaipur or Mumbai. If you have been planning to go abroad, then Singapore is the place you should not afford to miss. It is because the place will attract a huge number of tourists from all over the world, just the way you like- different cultures!

4. Cancer- Pondicherry/Milan

Cancer zodiac winter travel guide

Being moody and creative of all, Cancerians should visit places that have picturesque corners on every street. Hence, places like Milan, Florence and Rome are perfect for your personality traits. Also, you people are water babies. You may find a lot of ‘crabs’ in the coastal areas. Places like Pondicherry and Andaman make absolute zodiac travel destinations that can gratify your thirst for jumping into those serene waters. 

5. Leo – Jaisalmer/Brazil 

Leo zodiac winter travel guide

The lion in you wants to explore the areas of Brazil. Your courage and fearless nature push you to explore the places where your inner strength matches up the frequency of royalty. Just like a king. Places like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, or Hampi will serve you the way just like you want. You love luxury and these zodiac travel destinations never fail to amaze tourists on this front. 

6. Virgo- Goa/Singapore

Virgo zodiac travel guide

You are perfectionists. You plan every minute of your vacation so that you can travel in peace. For you, the perfect places to travel may include Spiti Valley where you can relax in the soothing breeze under the blue sky. Places like Jaipur, Maharashtra, Goa, will also be great places to explore. If you are planning to go abroad, then think about some adventures down the hill in the Alps or if you wish to experience a memorable trip, Singapore is your zodiac travel destination.

7. Libra- Munnar/Maldives 

Libra zodiac travel guide

You are social and love to look out for balance in your life. You try to inculcate the same while planning as per your travel astrology 2019. Places that are a wellspring of art attract this air sign. Turquoise waters of the Maldives are just the best place to set your foot Libra! You can also think about packing your bags to Canada. Your holiday in Munnar, Leh, Kanyakumari, and Kerala can be unforgettable.   

8. Scorpio- Kerala/Morocco

Scorpio zodiac travel guide

The zealous beings would love to explore places that unfold themselves layer by layer. Your sign is the one that loves natural scenic places, especially the ones near water. Your travel astrology 2019 tells that places like McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Goa, Kerala can satisfy your holy grail. If you are willing to fly to a foreign destination this winter, then, Morocco or Iceland can be the places you should book tickets to. 

9. Sagittarius – Shillong/ New Zealand

Sagittarius zodiac travel guide

The air of freedom is what you are looking for in this winter season, says your travel horoscope by date of birth. You are a rare combination of the one who loves heritage and culture the same way you love adventure. Ladakh, Kutch, and, Shillong can turn out to be the ideal destinations as per your spirit. You can plan bike rides in these exotic locations. Exploring New Zealand and going on a hiking trail in Chile can complement your rare choices.

10. Capricorn- Mussoorie/Hungary

Capricorn zodiac travel guide

This Earth sign has a thing for culturally rich and elegant places. Keeping their ambitious nature in mind places like Hungary and Tokyo will do justice to them this year as zodiac travel destinations. If in case you are looking out for a short trip, you can think about exploring places like Agra, Varanasi, and Mussoorie. These places will definitely quench you with the idea of learning about fine things and not to forget luxury. You can even look forward to some spiritual retreat in Varanasi.

11. Aquarius – Rishikesh/Canada

Aquarius zodiac travel guide

The daydreamers! You must think about visiting the places that can turn up your curiosity to know about things. The perfect places for you can be Srinagar, Rishikesh, or Kerala. Think about spending time looking at the vast green lands of Srinagar while sipping on some coffee. You can even go on an ayurvedic spa retreat in Rishikesh or Kerala. For a destination in a foreign land, you can plan the itinerary for Canada or Iceland, tells your travel astrology 2019. 

12. Pisces- Coorg/Australia 

Pisces zodiac travel guide

The artistic beings would love to witness the natural wonders in Australia or Hawaii. Soaking up in the sun while having such a breathtaking view of the waters outstretched to eternity will be soul satisfactory, tells your travel horoscope by date of birth. Places like Lakshadweep, Coorg, and the Himalayas can also be helpful in supporting your growth on the spiritual level. Who knows, you may come back with a fresh perspective about the things and people around you. 

Now that you know which are the ideal zodiac travel destinations for you, you can go straight book your tickets to your destination and pack your bags. Your vacation for this season may turn you into a better individual. And know that it is no prediction but a fact! Every vacation teaches us something or the other. So fly high!

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