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Will You Become Rich? Your Birth Chart Has The Answer!

Do you know that your birth chart can reveal the chances of your success and how much wealthy you will be in the future?

Everyone in this world has a dream to become rich and lead a luxurious life! I am sure even you also have the same dream! A good financial status in life is a combination of one’s hard work and destiny. Your stars play a crucial role in determining your financial journey. Referring to your Rashifal or your birth chart in detail can give you deep insights about how much wealth one will accumulate in their lifetime. How? Let’s find out.

Astrology For Finance

Astrology has been considered our savior in the tough situations since ancient times. It is the field of study that conducts in-depth research of the Birth Chart/ Natal Chart and gives insights about the various aspects of life. If someone is rich, influential, then it is assumed that his/her Kundali horoscope has played a pivotal role in boosting the professional and business position.

An expert astrologer can play a key role in forecasting the future of the person. An Astrologer is adept at finding the chances of financial prosperity in one’s birth chart and suggest remedies to remove the roadblocks and obstacles on one’s path of financial progress.

There are some houses in the birth chart which are considered to be very important for one’s financial situation and the trick is to spot the favorable combinations in the Kundali horoscope of the person.

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One such favorable combination in one’s Birth Chart is Raj Yoga.

Raj Yoga is considered to be the planetary combinations that bestow the person with loads of prosperity & wealth. Further, the Raj Yoga is segregated into three below-mentioned Yogs:-

  • Panch-Maha-Purush Yoga
  • Parivartan Yoga
  • Gajakesari Yoga

If these astrological combinations are present in the birth chart of the person then the person enjoys a lot of prosperity and wealth in his/her life. However, it is not mandatory that in order to be rich, one must have the Raj Yoga in his/her kundali.

Other astrological combinations should be checked to determine if the native is poised to become financially well off!

How Your Birth Chart Indicates Your Financial Position?

Know Which Houses Reveal Your Financial Status

There are certain houses & astrological combinations that should be checked as per the Vedic astrology principles to determine if the native has the potential to earn money and become prosperous. Take a look :

1) First House

It is considered to be the most important house as per Vedic astrology. It is the beginning point of any birth chart. Studying this house in detail is of paramount importance. However, if there are flaws in this house, then even with the Raj Yoga in the Kundali, the person can never become prosperous. The first house should be perfect with no problems, and then only the native gets money, fame & prosperity in his/her life. It is mandatory that Lord of the first house is placed at a favorable position.


2) Second House

Through this house, the native earns money. Hence, the 2nd house and the 1st house are important for the native in terms of finance. Again, if 2nd house is not good, then the chances of making money are bleak for the native. If the second house is robust, then opportunities to mint money are very high for the native.

3) Fourth House

This house denotes property and rental income. The rental income is considered to be very lucrative for the people as it helps the people to supplement their monthly income from their properties like shops, homes, etc. Hence the Fourth house plays a pivotal role to make the native build some good properties and then earn the rental income!

4) Eighth House

This house is the symbol of troubles and roadblocks. However, on the flip side, this house also indicates ancestral gains. Numerous people in this world are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and they automatically become rich as they take birth in an affluent family. The inherited property is also possible when a person marries a wealthy spouse and eventually get a property from his/her spouse’s side.

5) Tenth House

This is called the house of career and should be considered as the last house to analyze the prospects of wealth. This house is the symbol of control and power, and many times, people may not have cash in their hands, but somehow they manage their financial situation by sitting at a distant place. Hence, this house is also checked by the astrologer.

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Point to be noted here is that the Lords and their placement should be checked thoroughly in these houses to determine if the native will be rich, robust, and prosperous. Having said that, you should not rely on the horoscope solely to get rich; continue putting in the required efforts, and take the right decisions at the right time. Eventually, you will get the results!

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