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Why Kundali Matching is important for Marriage?

Kundali Matching, as the name suggests is, the matching or comparison of two birth charts. Usually, two Kundalis are matched only in case of marriages when the compatibility and the relationship journey of the boy and girl need to be predicted. There are two ways in which it can be done.  One is Kundali Matching by date of birth in which the Kundali of the boy and girl is matched according to their respective birth date, birth location and birth time. While, in Kundali Matching By Name, horoscope matching is done with the names of the prospective bride and groom.

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In Kundali Matching, Ashtakoot or Gunas of the boy and the girl are calculated.

They are eight in number, namely,

1) Varna – Describes the mental compatibility

2) Vashyas – Elaborates on the dominance aspect of the partner

3) Tara – Indicative of the health of their relationship

4) Yoni – Physical and Sexual compatibility is determined with this Guna

5) Graha Maitri – Emotional and Intellectual attitude of the prospective couple are matched

6) Gana – Descriptive of the general behavior and overall nature

7) Bhakoot  – Denotes the prosperity of the family – economical as well as general

8) Nadi – Determines the progeny factor

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Each guna mentioned above holds a point in respect of their serial number. So, Varna holds point 1, Vashyas hold 2 points and so on and so forth with Nadi guna bearing the highest points i.e. 8. The sum of these Guna points is 36. If a couple whose Horoscope Matching score is 18 or less, then their marriage is not regarded as a viable choice. While, if the Guna matching score goes up to 32, then that association is considered a perfect one.

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There are several other facts that are considered while matching Kundalis of the girl and boy.

  1. a) Longevity
  2. b) Manglik Dosha
  3. c) Horoscope strengths of the couple
  4. d) Planets which can have an effect on their marital life
  5. e) Planets which influence the prosperity factor

Why Kundali Matching is important?

In a traditional Indian marriage Astrology, Kundali Matching holds a significant position. The reasons behind the same are many.

  1. a) Compatibility Check by Love Calculator – It gives an elaborate description of the compatibility levels of the prospective couple.
  2. b) Financial Progress – It helps determine the financial situation of the couple after marriage and the growth of their respective careers.
  3. c) Health and Progeny – The chances of childbirth and the health of the entire family is determined with this method.
  4. d) Dosha Rectification – Through this method  it is easy to find any discrepancies or ‘dosha’ in the Kundalis which can then be rectified timely by performing certain pujas.

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Nowadays, the conventional methods of seeking an astrologer’s help has given way to Online Kundali Matching. Try our free Kundali matching for marriage tools available online which can provide you with highly accurate results along with detailed information on the results.  It is user-friendly and can be used alike by the bride and groom or their respective parents and family members.

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