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Why horoscope (Kudali) matching is important?

Free and complete horoscopes (Kundali) matching for love, career, finance and health. Get Horoscope today predictions for different zodiac signs at mPanchang. Know the importance of horoscope matching.

What is a Horoscope?

Horoscope is also called as Kundli as per Vedic Astrology. Horoscope refers to diagrammatic chart based on astronomical calculations as per the position of various planets like Moon, the Sun etc. These calculations are specific to the date of birth, place of birth and time of birth and hence this document is unique for every person.

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At mPanchang, Daily Horoscope is available for all zodiac signs. It is a free daily horoscope for our esteemed users where they get the predictions for the day, lucky color, lucky number etc. Examples are Virgo daily Horoscope, Aries daily Horoscope etc.

Horoscopes for today are available regularly at just click of the button. Horoscope today has become the very important reference point for the people across the world. They follow astrology and daily horoscope is like the morning ritual for them as it helps to plan their day.

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Horoscope today gives predictions for different zodiac signs like Leo daily Horoscope, Taurus daily Horoscope etc so that users

We also give predictions for the whole year. Horoscope 2020 is the section where you can get the general overview of the year and month wise predictions for you. Our expert astrologers study horoscope signs in detail and give predictions as per your horoscope.

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Astrology today has become very advanced and evolved over the years after trial and error methods etc. Our astrologers at MPanchang are adept at making predictions after considering and analyzing the modern methods.

Matching of Horoscope – Importance

Marriage is one of the most important events in your life. It is said that marriages are fixed in heaven but still Horoscopes or Kundalis are matched before fixing up the marriages. It is considered as a very critical step before committing to marriage.

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Although, few people in India do not believe in matching the Kundli most of the people do not get their girl and boy married without matching the Kundli and guns. There are several reasons for this which are as follows:-

  1. Compatibility- As per Hindu mythology, marriage is an association which continues for next 7 lives and Horoscope determines the planetary position and their respective effects on the life of a person. As per Shastras, woman and man become one after marriage and their respective fate and luck influence each other. It can have both positive and negative effects that is why Kundli Milan is a very important process to check if the persons getting married are compatible or not?
  2. Quality of relationship- As per Hindu mythology, there are 8 guns that are to be checked to judge the quality of the relationship. There are certain points assigned to these guns which sum up to 36. In order to consider a marriage, both the Kundlis should match with 18 or more points.
  3. Predicting physical and mental match- Effective matching of Kundli is essential for happy marriage which includes matching the behavior, temper, mental level, health condition etc. Also, it is important to match the physical traits.
  4. To forecast family condition and financial condition- Most important condition that parents look before fixing up the marriage of their children is financial strength of the prospective bride or groom. Because it is the case of the future so parents want to assess the financial stability very critically. Also, the family adjustment is another factor which is considered before arriving at the decision.

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