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What You Crave For In A Relationship Based On Your Zodiac

What You Crave For In A Relationship Based On Your Zodiac

A couple of days ago, an advertisement on the roadside caught my sight. It was about a company that plans gifts and other shenanigans as per your requirement. But the company planned only for the couples.

This advertisement to me evoked a sense that almost everyone today wants to be in a relationship in spite of knowing they are not the most successful things in this modern era! Well no offense but people who have a partner are very much stressed. They come together without thinking for a moment about their zodiac compatibility.

Yes, stars and constellations can be good to consult. If you think I am being an antiquated person linking relationship with the stars then know that stars can be really helpful in guiding you through the pathways.

These are the pathways that were under a veil from you. And yes, it is about you, not anyone else. So, knowing about zodiac signs compatibility can help you lead a much better and more organized life.

Relationships can be pretty complex when it comes to completing the needs of each other. This is not always about materialistic needs. It is also about the tuning and emotional support that one expects from their romantic partner in a relationship.

So how to know what exactly is making you unsatisfied in this relationship? What do you expect your partner to do for you? What are your unspoken wishes? Well, you can get to know about it all if you read the relationship zodiac given below.

Your Needs Based On Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

Eager and dynamic fiery signs would love to enjoy unlimited thrilling adventures with their partners. A partner who is willing to give you lifetime experiences, the ones that would be capable of matching up to your high intensity is what excites you. A sloth-like lazy partner is the biggest turndown for this fire sign.

Aries in relationships are way too honest and they wish to have at least half the honesty from their significant one in a relationship. Unplanned dates or any surprise is what you love the most in a relationship.

2. Taurus

Being dependable in your personality trait; you lounge for security from your romantic partner. You are an Earth sign and so, attachment and sensuality are what make you feel good. You want your partner to comfort you on the emotional and physical front.

Taurus in love would go gaga over their partner if they go just a little off the track to get them something. You are in no hurry and so a slow and cozy evening plan with your partner is all you crave for.

3. Gemini

This air sign is love-drenched in the daydreams. Gemini loves the idea of fantasy and love. The novel that you have completed just now, you want your partner to do the same to you. You love going for fads. If it were not a fad, you may end up getting bored from the relationship.

To keep the fire burning, you want your partner to support you in experiments. It can be a good conversation one day a movie, a dinner in the subsequent event, and so on. Gemini in relationships wants attention all the time. Fun should not fade in a relationship with a Gemini.

4. Cancer

This water sign is very emotional and so they want their partner to know them in-depth. Ruled by the Moon, you suffer a lot of mood swings. You wish your partner should be able to understand the shifts in your mood. You really want to be vulnerable to your partner. You wish to undress your emotional personality in front of them. Cancer in love wants to be all gooey with their partners. No barriers in between, just a reflection of each other. 

5. Leo

Outgoing Leos want to flaunt because it is something that lets them live happily. You want to get spoiled in your relationship wanting your partner to shower you with love and gifts both. Leo zodiac signs when in love, want to be sure that they are the only lovable individuals their partners look up to. Attraction and attention clearly define the choice of a Leo. A peck of a kiss on the cheek from your partner, in a room full of friends and people, will give wings to you, Leo! Oh! And remind yourself that small sweet surprises keep you going.

6. Virgo

Your practical and analytical nature keeps you reminding about the importance of having organized and a defined system in your love life. You wish your partner to understand your quirkiness and weird thoughts. Virgo in love desire for deep affection like romantic love messages. You feel that the efforts to keep this relationship alive should be done from both ends. Your ideal craving is a sense of perfection and satisfaction from your partner’s side.

7. Libra

You have a thing to praise and appreciate all the forms of beauty and art. You, to a great extent, want your partner to do the same. You want them to be your soul and vice versa. You want them to love you for who you are. Libra in a relationship looks forward to harmonious connection. You want a connection in which your partner attends some of your social events readily. You crave for the eternal presence of your partner.

8. Scorpio

Scorpio wants a relationship that has a sense of being fearless. A relationship where you can look into each other’s eyes while holding hands tight before jumping off the cliff. You wish your partner to confess to you the deepest secrets of them and vice-versa. For you, Scorpio, a real and intense conversation is sexier than anything else. Scorpio zodiac signs when in love, desire for genuine intimacy on each level.

9. Sagittarius

Your extroverted nature digs the pit deeper and deeper with time. You want to have an experience of almost everything and in gaining all of it, you want your partner to be with you or at least support you in your quest. The idea of air of freedom in a relationship excites you to the brim. Sagittarius in a relationship wants their partner to have a practical vision towards life. For you, respecting the needs and personal space of each other means a lot. You want your partner to have the same perspective.

10. Capricorn

You are a stubborn Earth sign, Capricorn. You put a lot of burden on you that you feel completely exhausted often. For this reason, you want affirmation from this relationship. You wish that your partner soothes and comforts you. Capricorns in love are highly reliable and so they want their partner to be with them. You love your independence and you want the same from your connection. You crave for truthfulness from your partner’s end, Capricorn.

11. Aquarius

Your imaginative personality forces you to get into new things. Hence, you get bored way too easily and the idea of staying on the same page does not excite you. You want to explore and so you want this relationship to give you the freedom you require.  Aquarius in a relationship desires to have the love compatibility with their partner on a level that serves love as well as friendship. Through this relationship, you want your partner to keep up with your bizarre ideas. A partner who respects you and vice-versa is your ultimate desire in a love connection. 

12. Pisces  

For you Pisces, being two different bodies with one soul is the ideal situation of a relationship. You want your partner to hug you tight when they see you are in a bad mood. Words, however, may not be needed by you. Understanding is what makes you feel happy about a relationship. 

Pisces zodiac signs when in love, demand their partners to swiftly take-up their mood swings. The ideal love story is something that never fails to amaze you. And so, you want your love life to be a cauldron in which only good and fancy things happen. 

With this relationship zodiac, you may now have an idea of what is keeping you at a distance from being completely happy in your relationship with your partner. So, speak up and tell your partner what you want from them to keep this bond everlasting.

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