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What is Panchang Astrology?

Panchang A.k.a Panchangam is a daily astrological calendar based on Indian Vedic Astrology. Daily panchang is one of the most well-known reference manuals for Astrologers and every individual who depends on a day’s planetary position to find out about propitious timing, important festivals, vrats and so forth.

Vedic Astrology separates time into five central parts together called the Panchang. The Panchang is used by Vedic Astrologers to judge the auspicious time for today – hora, and it is also used to calculate Vedic birth chart or Janam Patri of an individual. The panchang word is derived from the Sanskrit word panchangam (panchanga, five; anga, limb), which alludes to the 5 limbs of the calendar or the five parameters – day/vaar, tithi, star/nakshatra, yoga and karana.

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It is called by various names in India – Tamil panchangam, Telugu Panchangam, Kannada Panchangam, Gujarati Panchang, Marathi Panchang, Hindi Panchang, Bengali Panchang and so on. Hindu Panchang or the Indian calendar is essential when it comes to Nakshatra or our stars. Panchang mainly depicts the movements of the sun and moon. Mpanchang provides you Free astrology, astrology horoscope, astrology by date of birth, astrology chart, online astrology and many more features.

Know more about Panchang Astrology:

The Hindi term for Astrology is Jyotish – which truly means the ‘eye of the Veda’.

Nearly everybody has some knowledge about Astrology, and most of the people know what Sun Signs are. We also have a tendency to read the daily horoscopes that show up on various sites, daily papers, and magazines. Interestingly, lots of people think this is what Astrology is about!

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However, there is more to Panchang Astrology than we think. Astrology is a science of the stars – got from the Latin word – astrology – reading of the stars. Indeed, Astrology is an incredibly old subject and it is practiced all around the world, since hundreds of years.

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Astrology is fundamentally identified with the study of the universe, and how the stars and other planetary positions in the universe influence life on the earth. Initially, the subject was used to study climate and weather patterns, comprehend the causes that drove certain occasions, treat or get rid of an evil eye and numerous such different things.

Hindi panchang plays a vital part in analyzing the important ‘tithi’ for a prosperous work to start.

mPanchang tells you about the five components – Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan. Any new start-up started on a shubh tithi/muhurat will be successful, a deed done on the correct day of the week, i.e. shubh vaar, will provide durability and stability. Any deed done during shubh nakshatra will put an end to all sort of ill effects on the person; if acts are performed at a right time or shubh yoga, it will ensure a healthy life and goals will be accomplished without obstacles if commenced during a shubh karan. Know about all the important aspects of Panchang Astrology at one place with mPanchang.

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