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What is Horoscope or Rashifal?

Horoscope Rashifal in hindi


Horoscope, which as we all know as Rashifal or Rashiphal in Hindi, plays a significant part in human Astrology. Rashifal, as the name suggests, is a depiction and description of positions of the planets and the Rashi at the time of one’s birth chart. From Sun Sign to Moon Sign to every other planetary position, all the celestial things that are significant to us and our lives are elaborately described in a Horoscope. From the positions of the planets and other stars, one can extract information about an individual’s characteristics and predict one’s future course with absolute accuracy.

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                                               12 Zodiac Sign Horoscope

What is Horoscope Reading?

Horoscope reading is the study of the Astrological chart or diagram that depicts the position of Sun, Moon, Planets and other Astrological aspects at the time of one’s birth. On the basis of these positions, astrologers study and predict how an individual’s life is going to be. Reading of Rashifal is done by eminent astrologers and it is usually done on the basis of Sun Signs and sometimes on the basis of Moon Sign. Sun Sign is the Zodiac in which the Sun was at the time of one’s birth.

On the basis of the reading of one’s Sun Sign, an Astrologer creates Dainik Rashifal (Daily Horoscope), Monthly Rashifal and Yearly Rashifal (Rashifal 2019). One can get an idea of how their day, week, month or year is going to fair according to their Zodiac signs.

Importance of Horoscope

With an accurate reading of Rashiphal, one can find out about the favorable and unfavorable times of their life. The auspicious and inauspicious time can be calculated by way of Horoscope reading. One can know whether it is the right time to start a new business or change a job or marry. Every question related to personal or professional life can be answered through an individual’s Rashifal.

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12 Horoscope Houses and their Importance

Each Horoscope or Zodiac or Rashi is divided into 12 segments and every house is associated with certain characteristics, traits. At the time of one’s birth, every planet was in specific signs and houses and a Horoscope is interpreted by blending in the effects of the planets, houses and the signs. A House in a Horoscope is used by Astrologer to predict that which arena of your life will come into focus and the best possible action for the same. Here is a small glimpse into the 12 houses and their importance in predicting one’s Rashifal.

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1st House

The first house, going by its position, speaks on all the firsts.

Self, First Impression, New Beginnings, Fresh Starts and Leadership.

Zodiac Sign which is on the edge or cusp of this House is one’s Rising Sign or Ascendant.

2nd House

Money matters, income, self-esteem and all the material and physical senses are governed by the Second House.

3rd House

Communication of every kind, from thinking to talking to gadgets to messengers along with neighborhoods, siblings, community affairs, school and local travel is what the Third House represents.

4th House

The foundation of an individual’s life including home, security, children, privacy, parents and your own parenting abilities are determined by the Fourth House.

5th House

Fifth House is all about fun, drama, play, creativity, romance, self-expression and attention.

6th House

Health and Service is ruled by the Sixth House. Fitness, Schedules, Exercise, Diet, Healthy Living and Humanitarian activities fall in the domain of this House.

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7th House

All relationship and partnership associated matters, be it business partnerships, romantic alliances, contracts and agreements or marriage are represented by the Seventh House.

8th House

8th House essentially rules the mysterious aspect of Birth, Death, Transformation and different energies. Inheritance of any kind is also depicted by this house.

9th House

The Ninth House basically encompasses travel to international locations, foreign languages, higher education, knowledge, expansion, adventures, optimism, religion and one’s morals or ethics.

10th House

Tenth House is the most public part of a Horoscope Chart. It is at the top and rules social recognition, traditions, public image, awards, fame, discipline, honor, achievements and authority.

The edge or cusp of this House is termed as Midheaven and hints on the career path of an individual.

11th House

Everything futuristic, unorthodox, science fiction, eccentricities, inventions coupled with social networking, friendships, society, groups, team and humanitarian causes is represented by the Eleventh House.

12th House

Twelfth House or the last house governs endings. Afterlife, Completions, Final Stages of a Project and  Old age are covered by this house. It also dominates the subconscious mind and all things related to art, imagination, fantasy and creativity.

There are several other aspects which determine the construction of a Rashiphal chart. As 2017 ends, we are all eager to know what the next year has in store for us. Marriage? Professional Success? Education? Check your Rashifal 2019 and find out all the answers as to what the onset of this year brings for you.

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