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Vedic Astrology 2018 – How to Learn Indian Vedic Astrology

Learning Vedic Astrology 2018

Astrology is the divine science based on calculations and has been used since ages for making various predictions based on the Astrology signs. Vedic Astrology AKA “Jyotish Vidya” originated in India thousands of years ago. Jyotish Vidya explained the way planets and celestial bodies are positioned, their effect on Astrology signs, various life events & personality traits.

Astrology has evolved from Vedas which are the powerhouse of knowledge. Apart from making predictions, Vedic Astrology also ignites the spiritual development of an individual.

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Also, Jyotish Vidya helps the Astrologers to predict future events (Both good and bad) for their clients which in turn help them to prepare and plan well.

Learning Vedic astrology involves interpretation of charts, making predictions, understanding “Grahas”and their energies and the way these energies influence the lives of the people are based out of their individual Astrology signs.

Parts of Vedic Astrology

There are two parts of Vedic Astrology namely:-

  1. a)   Ganit Jyotish- This part basically deals with calculating the planet position at the time of birth of the person. Post this process, a horoscope is prepared that consists of various kundali (Chandra Kundali showing Moon position, Lagna Kundali AKA Birth Chart and various other charts.
  2. b)   Phalit Jyotish- This part involves predicting various life events related to career, property, marriage etc. of a person after deep analysis of his horoscope

Zodiac Signs are called “Rashis”, planets are called as Grihas and constellations are called as Nakshatras as per Vedic Astrology

How to Read Kundali

This part involves various Kundali reading techniques.

The first step is to verify the accuracy of the input information (Date of birth and place) of the client. This is of paramount importance because wrong information leads to incorrect birth charts, wrong horoscope and they in turn will result in incorrect predictions.

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After generating accurate Janma Kundali & Janma Patri, the Second step is to understand the degree to which the various planets are powerful.

Finding out strengths and weakness of the planets is the third step.

The fourth step is to find out a current planetary position for the period in question.

Eventually, after the general assessment of the horoscope will let the astrologer know about the strong planets and significance of the houses which will be helpful in predictions.

Birth Chart

It is also called as Natal Chart and it shows the position of various planets at a particular place on Earth at the exact time of the birth of a person.

Advantages of Vedic Astrology

There are several benefits that Vedic Astrology offers to us, they are as follows:-

Vedic Astrology helps us to choose our life partner through compatibility studies. Also, it can help in correcting our behavior patterns through certain remedial measures.

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A good astrologer can make astrological predictions about major life events through correct input information (Date of birth, exact time and place of birth). Hence, we can find suitable remedial measures for the challenging situation that may occur in the future. Vedic astrology answers questions like what career to follow, identifying your talents, health issues etc.

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