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Hindu Panchang, Today’s Life Panchangam

Hindu Panchang, Today’s Life Panchangam

Panchang mainly showcases the movement of the Sun and the Moon, know as vedic calendar. Get accurate daily, monthly and yearly Panchang.

What is Hindu Panchang?

Panchang or Panchangam is the Hindu calendar which is described as the Vedic calendar. Panchang is derived from the word “Panch” which means Five and “Ang” meaning Limbs. It mainly constitutes of 5 components, which include Tithi (the lunar day), Vara (day of the week), Nakshatra (lunar house), Yoga (lunar-solar day) and Karana (Half lunar day).

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Panchang mainly showcases the movement of the Sun and the Moon. Without referring to a Panchang in Hindu religion, auspicious events like marriage rituals, civic affairs, important events, inaugurations, interviews, new business/projects and other similar activities are not carried out. Panchang gives you the auspicious and inauspicious timings of any day.

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It is a tabulated form that helps to find out an auspicious time for travel, work, money, love, and so forth, well ahead of time. It is also known as an Indian Vedic Calendar. Panchang was formulated 5000 years ago or more and has evolved ever since. The theories found in the two sacred writings to be specific, Surya Siddhanta and Grahalaghava form the basis for Panchang.

Panchang includes the day, the Tithi, the Nakshatra, the Yoga, and the Karana of the Day.

The calculations for Panchang depend on the situation or position of the different planets and constellations. In short, it is an already prepared time chart to see whether your time is auspicious or not for important occasions such as marriage, travel, housewarming, business, etc.

What is Daily Panchang?

Panchang follows the traditional Indian astrology and presents the important dates and times which are determined by the planetary positions within various zodiacs. Daily Panchang tells us about a specific Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan of a particular day.

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Every day, the position of planets and tithi changes along with the Nakshatra and Yoga which is elaborately described in daily Panchang. From Daily Panchang, one can know about the times which are auspicious during the day and the times which are not. It gives you an idea to plan your day in the most beneficial manner.

Uses of Panchang is everyday life are as follows:

Panchang indicates the bad periods to be avoided, like Rahukalam, Durmuhurtham, and Varjyam. For knowing completely as to how the information given in Panchangam is to be used, one needs to know Astrology. For one, who does not know anything about Astrology, sufficient it may be to say that the knowledge of Panchangam gives what festival is to be celebrated when!!!

  1. It tells you about the accurate tithi of a particular day. Any work done on the right day of the week shall bring durability for the native, anything started on right tithi will bring prosperity.
  2. Panchang gives the astrology guidance on your day to day activities.It helps the Astrologers to determine an individual’s horoscope for the day.
  3. Panchang also helps in Kundli matching. In Vedic astrology, marriage matching includes analyzing various factors such as Kuja dosha and other possible dosha affecting your marriage.

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Get accurate daily, monthly and yearly Panchang on You can see the panchang of the current day as well as the past and the future days. This panchang has been computed as per Indian standard time.

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