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Today Panchang and Hindu Festivals 2018

What is a Panchang?

Panchang, also known as Panchangam, is the most important crux of the Indian Astrological system. Panchanga serves as the base of making astrological Horoscope, details extensively on the specific time of the day and give astrological predictions for different purposes.

There are five different parts of a Panchang which are as follows:-

Vaar (WeekDay)- Panchang follows the week with 7 days (Sunday to Saturday).

Nakshatra (Constellation)- As per ancient astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs and 27 constellations (collection of stars that constitutes the zodiac signs). The position of the moon plays a pivotal role in deciding the Nakshatra of the day.

Tithi (Lunar Day)- It is again decided as per the Moon’s state. There are a total of 14 Tithis between the two cycles of Purnima and Amavasya.

Karan- Two parts of Karan make 1 Tithi. 7 dynamic and 4 fixed Karans make up a total of 11 Karans.

Yoga- There are total 27 Yogas which depend on the longitudinal position of the Sun and the Moon.

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Panchang today is an important section that gives information about festivals, auspicious time, various Yoga, tithi etc. Daily Panchang and monthly Panchang are available for the readers at MPanchang so that they can refer to it at any time or as and when required.

At MPanchang, we offer online Panchang to our readers with detailed information about the day and the entire month. It reveals the movement of the Sun and the Moon and helps to determine the auspicious time for today and the near future. It proves quite beneficial and instrumental when readers have to decide about significant life events like fixing up the marriage of children, starting a business etc.

Hindu Calendar

Hindu calendar refers to the group of various regional calendars which are being used traditionally in India. The concept more or less remains the same but the difference lies in the name of the months, starting time of the new year and relative importance of the Sun cycle and the Moon cycle.

Conceptually, the design of the Ancient Hindu calendar is on similar lines with the Jewish calendar. However, it is considerably different from the Gregorian calendar. There were several astronomical philosophies that formed the base of the first Hindu calendar in the late BC period.

Amidst, so many different formats of the Hindu calendar, there is a national calendar that serves as a standard format in India. It is used by the people to determine important festivals and holidays which are basically based on the position of the Sun and the Moon.

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Hindu festival calendar also gives information about various Vrats, Tyohars and activities to be performed on the specific festival.

Indian Festivals

Festivals are an integral part of the Indian culture. India is a land of different religions & various customs. Different communities celebrate the festivals across India as per their customs and traditional methods. This celebration is a symbol of the multifaceted culture of India and there are various reasons to celebrate like as per the Indian mythology, marking the change of the season etc. The Indian people refer Panchang before performing various rituals, fasting etc during festival time.

The typical festival season in India is from the month of October to January every year when the entire country displays vibrancy and rich cultural heritage. Festivals are an opportunity for the people to unite and rejoice together.

The most prominent Hindu festival in India is Diwali when houses are cleaned and decorated, people light diyas and give gifts to their near and dear ones. Other important festivals are Holi, Maha Shivaratri etc.

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