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The festive season of Lohri


LOHRI 2019

The festive season of Lohri is here and that brings a festivity in many parts of northern India, including Punjab. The beginning of the reaping season in Punjab is set apart by the celebration of Lohri.


13th January 2019 (Sunday)

Lohri celebrations are praised by both the Hindu and the Sikh people, by lighting a blessed blaze that likewise means going off the winter solstice. Lohri authoritatively denotes the finish of the long evenings of winter and respects the more drawn out days of summer, as the Sun starts its trip towards the Northern Hemisphere.



Lohri is an event to praise the finish of the sowing period of rabi trim, that is presently prepared to be gathered. Lohri is additionally a festival of the Sun God, Surya, who is offered appreciation for gracing enthusiasts with his quality again and again.

As indicated by the Indian schedule, Lohri falls in the period of Pausha, and as indicated by the Gregorian logbook, it’s commented on the thirteenth of January. Amid the jump years, Lohri is praised on either twelfth or fourteenth of January.

It falls a day prior to the kite flying celebration of Makar Sankranti that denotes the start of the late spring months. Lohri corresponds with the celebration of Bhogali Bihu in Assam and Pongal in Tamil Nadu.

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Lohri 2019: How is The Festival Celebrated?

The celebration of Lohri is portrayed by the antiquated custom of the lighting of a sacred fire that means the Fire God, Agni. Individuals assemble around the blaze, offer petitions and nourishment to the fire God and furthermore sing, move and make happy.

Aficionados circle the fire with their hands consolidated in supplication, requesting a prosperous year and furthermore hurling sweet treats produced using jaggery (Gur) and sesame seeds (til).

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Lohri 2019: The Traditional Feast Of The Festival

Desserts produced using jaggery and sesame seeds are incorporated into rewari and gajak that are both put into the fire, as offerings to the Fire God. Different offerings made incorporate peanuts or moongphali and popcorn.

These sustenances are additionally circulated to individuals who go to the celebrations as prasad. The Lohri devour is set up by utilizing fixings from winter crops including mustard greens, sugarcane, radish, groundnuts, and so forth.

The dishes that are generally arranged amid Lohri incorporate makki ki roti (flatbreads arranged from corn flour) and sarso ka saag (a hot Indian readiness produced using mustard greens).

The two dishes are served together, with entire jaggery or powdered jaggery as well as natively constructed spread produced using dairy animals drain, as backups. Another conventional dish of the gathered celebration is the sesame rice or til bhaat that is rice made with sesame seeds and jaggery.

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The celebration of Lohri is praised with various varieties by the Punjabi and Sikh people around the world. While those living in urban territories additionally praise the celebration with much zeal, in case, you need to encounter the delights of a customary Lohri, you should go to the rustic regions of the Punjab locale. 

It is believed that on this auspicious occasion of Lohri, a lot of people move from one place to another as in a lot of shifting is also done as this day is considered to be very auspicious. Therefore, this day becomes a festivity for a lot of packers and movers!

You can find various Lohri images, songs and wishes while surfing the Internet.  

Happy & Cheerful Lohri 2018!

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