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Is There Any Kind of Solutions to Get Married When Kundalis Do Not Match?

Kundali matching dates back to ancient times. Kundali Milan was a process that was developed by our noted astrologers to determine the compatibility between two people on the basis of their stars. As per the Hindu astrology, it is believed that the various planets affect our lives and hence it has been an age-old tradition to match the Kundli before fixing up the marriages in order to ensure a blissful married life.

They say that marriages are fixed up in heaven! And this is why the process of horoscope matching is a significant step before solemnizing any marriage.

Kundali Milan Process

This is an extremely important procedure carried out to ensure that the prospective bride and groom are compatible with each other. While matching the Kundli, it is ensured that the married life of the bride and the groom will be blissful and happy.

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In Kundali Matching, Ashta Koota Milan is done in which 36 points are considered between the two horoscopes. For a good marriage, matching 18 or more points is deemed to be appropriate. Anything below 18 is not considered viable and it is advised to not go ahead with the marriage alliance.

Importance Of Kundali Matching

Kundli Milan process is all about matching the attitudes, compatibility, friendship, behavior, etc. Bu judging these factors, the astrologer may find if the prospective bride and groom can lead a blissful married life or not and determine whether there will be any hurdles in their marriage.

There is a growing trend in India to follow the western culture, and people are not considering horoscope matching. Hence, the number of divorce cases are on the rise. Moreover, for those couples who are in love, Kundali Matching does not hold much significance.

But, every problem has a solution! There are remedies for everything. So, you need not worry if your Janam Kundali is not matching with the partner of your choice. Let’s take a look at these remedies :

A good marriage happens when the mental and emotional vibes match between the two. However, at times there are several problems that may pop up due to the mismatch of the horoscope.

However, despite these issues, you would love to stay with your partner because you love him/her so much. To rectify the Kundali dosha, there are several remedies available, and through the same, you can get the solution to your problems immediately:-

Bhakoot / Nadi dosha

There are a maximum of 7 points allocated and Bhakoot gun. Kundali Milan is all about the detailed relationship between the bride and the groom. In the Bhakoot dosh, 9-5, 12-2 & 6-8 combinations are found in the Kundali of the bride and the groom, and it is actually the result of the Moon signs combination of both the horoscope.

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Due to the Nadi/Bhakoot dosh, there are several problems that emerge in the married life like accidents, job loss, relationship woes, emotional turbulence, financial losses, health ailments, pregnancy, and childbirth-related issues. Hence it is a very dreaded dosh, and efforts should be made to minimize its effects in all circumstances. Nadi dosh makes sure that marriages crumble in the long run and there is never peace & harmony in the house.

There are various mantras, puja, that can be performed to reduce the effects. These are as follows:-

  • Maha Mrityunjay Jaap should be done regularly.
  • Clothes, cow, grains should be donated to the needy and poor people.
  • Usage of various yantras/ gemstones to reduce the malefic effect of Nadi Dosh.

Mangal Dosha

It is also, one of the most dreaded doshas and creates severe problems in the married life. The other name is Kuja dosha and found in the Kundlis of approximately 50% of people. There are various remedies to eradicate this dosha like reciting Hanuman Chalisa, keeping fasts, Kumbh Vivah, or getting married to another Manglik person.

There are several other doshas that may appear while matching the Kundlis but rest be assured their effects can be reduced through the Mantras, Pujas and using the various Yantras/gemstones.

At mPanchang, we have astrologers who are adept at giving these services. You can depend on them to get the best solution.

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Should You Get Married If The Kundlis Do Not Match?

Absolutely yes! If you like a person and love him/her, go ahead with what your heart says. If your vibes match and you are committed, then no power in this world can stop you from enjoying a blissful relationship with your beloved. Kundli mismatch won’t make a difference to your love life if you have belief in you and your partner.

Of course, remedies are available to reduce the malicious effect of the non-matching of the Kundlis. Hence, get married to your love without worrying! Simply talk to an Astrologer and get effective remedies for all your problems.

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