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Salman Khan Horoscope Analysis and Life Prediction

The world’s most famous ‘Actor’ and India’s most popular ‘Bhai’, Salman Khan, has been on a roll since long, especially after the remarkable success of his last few films. There’s a lot more on his platter in the future as well, with ‘Race3‘ being highly anticipated. The stars have blessed him immensely and that reflects in the amount of success and love he has received in all these years. But, his life has never been away from controversies, as well.

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He was born in the dasha of Mars. This dasha demonstrates the capable position of his dad and reinstates the fact that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The dasha from 1968 till 1986 was of planet Rahu. With such a large number of fascinating properties and unnoticeable qualities, it is but natural that the study of his horoscope will interest everyone who is keen to learn and know about Astrology. Also, there will be some interest in his future amongst millions of his fans.

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He is born with an Aries ascendant. The Lagna lord is Mars, which is posted in his tenth place of calling with Venus. Another vital component is that Mars is at a really good position in his horoscope.

In simpler terms, he is a genuine Martian and no big surprise that he is physically extremely fit and is enthusiastically into fitness. He is an enthusiastic bodybuilder for a very long time now. Mars is relied upon to give these characteristics on the native, particularly when it is exalted. These Martian attributes additionally give him the quality and bravery other than incidental vicious states of mind. Such a man can strike his enemies very hard.

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Such persons like to be independent. They can lead but will not be submissive to anybody. Therefore, it is not easy to keep such a person under control.

Also, there is always an endless supply of energy in him to go out and get things done. Undoubtedly, Salman Khan is popular world over for all these fine qualities.

There are two more related features in his horoscope – one, Mars also aspects his 5th house of thinking which impacts his behavior and approach. Secondly, the planet of development – Jupiter is in his 3rd house of courage. So he has plenty of guts to do whatever he wants to do.

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Such a placement of these two planets gives the native, good relations with brother and sisters.

Things to Watch Out for

According to Salman Khan’s Kundali, there are times which might be exceptionally vital and challenging for him. He should look out right now as his Natal Moon will be disturbed at this time period. He might feel extremely restless and should prepare for discouragement and psychosomatic sickness.

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Also, as previously mentioned, the majority of Salman’s Natal planets are gathered in his eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh Houses. Saturn and Ketu, both malefic planets are at present traveling through these Houses, and in a coming couple of years, their travels will proceed through these extremely Houses. Thus, Salman should be cautious in the coming years. This Saturn travel might be intense for him, as around then Saturn should move over his Natal Sun in his House of Fortune. He should deal with his well being, safety, prosperity and family. His relations/dealings with the government may also go under the scanner.

During the timespan of 24th March 2019 to 25th January 2020 – Saturn and Ketu both will be in Sagittarius Sign, which happens to be Salman’s Destiny/Fortune House. His Natal Sun is set in this House as well. At last, this will be a quite tough time for the actor.

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