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Remedies for Rahu Kaal – How to Make Rahu Positive?

What is Rahu Dosh?

Rahu and Ketu are two shadow planets in Hindu mythology. Rahu and Ketu were essentially asuras who came and sat with the devas when they were being served ‘Amrit’ or remedy. When they had just taken a sip of the Amrit, they were found and Vishnu chopped off their heads with his Sudarshan Chakra. That is the reason; Rahu and Ketu are immortal and they give loads of inconvenience and trouble to people if present in their birth chart. Solutions for Rahu dosha are very straightforward and must frequently be done to nullify its effects.

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However, if there is a malefic Rahu in the horoscope, it can cause sudden disasters, incessant sicknesses, lunacy, wounds, trick, lack of peace and even death. An individual with malefic Rahu repetitively indulges in clashes with people in the neighborhood or work environment. Such natives always have a feeling of doubt and betrayal. They have a tendency have sleepless nights because of mental disturbance and have wearing dreams, particularly with appearances of reptiles.

Indications of Rahu Dosh

  1.     Less or no sleep.
  2.     They frequently see reptiles in their dreams.
  3.     They don’t believe in rituals and traditions.
  4.     Lack of concentration on one particular thing.
  5.     Water will start getting stuck in specific areas of the home.
  6.     There will always be a lot of dust and dirtiness in the house.  
  7.     Plants will not grow in such household.
  8.     They also have a tendency to get attracted to electronic instruments.
  9.     Becomes angry, irritable, and violent to the extent of breaking things.
  10.   One will not be able to accomplish any work properly; keeps on changing the jobs.
  11.     They may always face embarrassing situations
  12.    There may be unhappiness due to various reasons.
  13.    There may be occasional hurdles and problems in progress.

Remedies for Rahu Dosh

1)    Eat vegetarian food on Saturday

Both Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets. They are generally worshipped in the same day as Saturn or Shani Dev. So having vegetarian diet on Saturdays can be beneficial for people who have Rahu dosha.

2)     Pray to Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is the lord and the master of the three planets, i.e., Shani, Rahu, and Ketu. That is why, bathing Lord Shiva in milk, Gangajal and Ghee helps to get relief from the side effects of Rahu dosha. If you have Rahu Dosha in your Kundali, then pray to Lord Shiva and say ‘Om Namah Shivaya‘ 21 times in a day.

  1. Perform Rahu Shanti Puja

Perform a special puja called the Rahu and Ketu Shanti puja to please Rahu and request for his blessings for a happy, prosperous and successful life.

  1. Visit Srikalahasti Temple

There is a temple in a faraway town of Andhra Pradesh which is named as Srikalahasti. Millions of devotees go to this temple every year to perform the Rahu Shanti puja and for ‘darshan’ of the ancient Shivling there. This temple is ‘jagrut’ for devotees who have problems in their life because of Rahu and Ketu. It is believed that Lord Rahu and Ketu reside in this temple.

  1. Charity

Donate 4 coconuts in any temple at Amavasya. Donating  food items such as wheat, banana to the poor can prove to be one of the best remedies to negate the effect of Rahu dosha. Helping the needy and the poor with a clean heart is the only way to achieve good results in life if there is Rahu Dosha in your Kundli. However, keep in mind that you do the charity with an intention of love and donation and not for gaining personal benefits.

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Following these simple remedies can nullify the malefic effect of Rahu to a great extent and can lead you towards a happy and fulfilling life. Consult an Astrologer to find out whether there is Rahu Dosh in your Kundli or not.

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