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Purnima Dates 2019 | Poornima Fast Rules and Vrat, Puja Benefits

Purnima Dates 2018

Purnima Vrat, as the name suggests, is observed on a Full moon day. Purnima is one of the most significant days according to the Hindu calendar. Most of the major festivals are celebrated on Purnima of each month. Fasting on Purnima day is considered highly auspicious as it bestows incomparable benefits and blessings on the devotees. Purnima vrat is devoted to Lord Vishnu and his avatars, especially Lord Satyanarayan. Many Hindu devotees observe a full day fast on Purnima day and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu. The rituals that are linked with Purnima Puja , directly or indirectly, symbolize creation, manifestation, birth and rebirth as, on this day, the moon completes its one cycle around the earth.

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In south India full moon day is known as Pournami and fasting on this day is  known as Pournami Vratam.

Observing a  Satyanarayan Vrat on Purnima day is considered highly auspicious. It  is a popular and common vrat among the Hindus. Normally this vrat is done by most of the Hindus on their special occasions like marriage, housewarming, professional success and others. It is a way to pay their respect to Lord Vishnu (the defender of the universe) for all the blessings received.

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Rules of Purnima puja and vrats:

  1. On the day of Purnima, fast begins at sunrise and ends during the full moon rise in the evening.
  2. The condition of vrat includes abstaining from consuming rice, salt and cereal-based dishes.
  3. Some people keep strict fast which is without food and water. If following strict fast is not possible then, devotees can do the vrat by having fruits and drinking milk.
  4. As per one’s interest, Lord Shiva or Vishnu can be worshipped. There is no exceptional puja procedure for Purnima. Anyone can do this Puja but make sure that you do it with utmost devotion. Purnima is the most appropriate day to do Satyanarayan puja at homes.
  5. A strict fast, i.e., without eating anything at all, is the ideal way to observe Purnima Vrat. However,  one meal is permitted, but, this meal should be free from salt, cereals or pulses.
  6. In the night the devotees have to watch the full moon rising and offers their to the moon god and worship him. Following this, Prasad is distributed and consumed.

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Benefits of Purnima Fast:

Fasting is a logical methodology. Particularly fasting on Purnima can have a few beneficial effects on the body and mind. Some of the advantages of Purnima Fast are:

  1.     It helps in controlling the acid substance of your body.
  2.     It also helps in balancing our body’s metabolism and absorption.
  3.     It certainly helps improve the endurance power.
  4.     It improves the digestive system.
  5.     Through fasting, the brain and body get a chance to relax.
  6.    Combined with the pujas and prayers done on the day, Purnima upavas not only revives and energizes the whole of the human system but also blesses the observers with prosperity and bliss.

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