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New Year Resolution 2019 – Ideas, Tips and Examples

New Year Resolutions 2019

Top 5 New Year Resolutions 2019

Most of us find New Year as an ideal time to re-invent our lives, which is where resolutions and pledges come into the picture. However, just a month or a few months later, every resolution we take is thrown out of the window. We give up on all the things that we had initiated or planned to implement for the year long. Life seems completely similar to the last year.

New Year is the time when we have all our attention to take several resolutions for our self-improvement and pledge to abide by all of them. New year eve is approaching and this time, we have to make the resolutions with best and true intentions in order to follow them with a determined approach.

Here we have come up with the 5 most ideal New Year Resolutions for you.

1 Learning a new skill

It does not matter from what professional background or field you are, there are enormous skills and talents which can be learned at any point of the age which could be beneficial for your life as well as for your career. The resolution is just to learn a new skill which can be related to technology, personal development, graphics, cooking, sports, or anything you wish for. You just need to set it as your work goal and have to attain it at any cost. Who knows you might start some additional earnings with that skill.


2 Charity

Money is always a factor of anxiety, irrespective whether a person is rich or not. We are on the agenda to have our bags full of money even if we possess more than what is required for our day to day expenses. But to overcome such financial anxiety, the best way is to do charity as much as we can. Making a donation charity is the way you learn how to change the form of money from merely a material benefit to a blessing. Follow it as your new year resolution this time and try and do it at least once every month.

3 Travel

For a happy life, you need to have some adventure too. People nowadays are too busy with their work and professional lives that they forget to spend some quality time with their family and friends. Planning a trip is the best way to spend a good time with family and to refresh your souls. It is one of the finest new year resolution to plan a trip every year or twice a year to give yourself a change and create some cherishing and memorable moments with your loved ones.

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4 Start Saving

Uncertainties or rainy days can knock your door at any time of the year. It is better to plan your savings before things run out of hands. If you have no idea from where to start, then there is no better time for it than the New Year. There are a lot of financial schemes namely fixed deposits, recurring deposits, SIPs, bonds, other investments or merely even saving some pennies from your pocket money and depositing in a piggy bank. Just make a resolution that at the start of every month you will take out some amount as savings and promise yourself that you won’t break the chain till the time it is absolutely necessary.

5 Create A Daily Fitness Routine

You have already read or listened to this phrase a number of times – ‘Health is Wealth’. But ever thought, how much you have implied it in your own life. Health and fitness are one of those things which need primary attention to live a robust and cheerful life. A person who is fit and healthy proves to be more productive and efficient at work. This new year, keep aside all your meetings, schedules and personal engagements from your daily fitness routine and try to focus on your health goals by taking a new year resolution for a healthy body and life. No matter you start with a morning walk, gymming, yoga sessions or Zumba classes, your goal is to give a fixed amount of time to your health and remain firm on it.

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A New Year is the time to replan our lives with new dreams and hopes. Let’s start the year with some of the above New Year Resolutions and steer our lives in a positive direction.

Wish you all a Happy New Year…!!

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