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Netflix And Chill- 10 Shows You Need To Watch With Your Partner

It’s the season of festivals and long weekends so get your Netflix pajamas on and get your hands on these 10 netflix shows for couples, to binge watch with your partner. 

1. Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black

If you and your boyfriend cannot settle on what to watch, then OITNB can turn out to be the best TV series to watch with your boyfriend. 

This is one of the first grand slam creations, Orange is the New Black finally concluded after reigning for six years and seven outstanding seasons on Netflix streaming service. 

Get set for a weekend full of Litchfield crisis that will make you cry, laugh and even jump out of your couch at times. 

I bet you won’t be able to stop once you start watching. 

2. BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman will be the best thing you watch on Netflix. Period. 

Now in its fifth season, BoJack Horseman which is based on the star of a 1990s hit Tv sitcom, is the best web series for youth. Although there are a lot of changes and BoJack is portrayed as a middle aged addict, 20 years older than he was in the earlier version. This dark and funny comedy depicts LA as half-populated by animal-human hybrids, as BoJack is acquainted with his existential dread. 

If you are not abreast with the earlier tv version then its possible that you will find the first half of the season to be a little heavy on the anguish and grief and loose on the laughter but just wait for it to hit stride. 

Watch it first thank me later!

3. Sacred Games

Sacred Games

Netflix and chill this weekend with this web series for youth. After its debut a year ago, Sacred Games was endorsed by most of the Indian viewers, who were finally happy to see a local and original series trying to make its mark on Netflix streaming. The show’s global success might still be debatable but we can argue that the crew of this Indian web series on Netflix has succeeded in living upto the expectations of the viewers 

After the release of it’s second season a few days back, mixed reviews from the audience doesn’t take away the critical and intrinsic performances of Nawazuddin Sidiqqui and Saif Ali Khan among other superbly talented actors. 

You will be pleased that you both chose to stay in for the weekend and watch this show rather than partying in clubs. 

4. Narcos


I bet you will skip your nights sleep over this addictive series based on the life of a drug kingpin- pablo Escobar. If you are a couple who fights over whether to watch Keeping up with Kardarshians or Adventure Time, then this show is a perfect fit for you. 

This is one show that will keep you glued in anticipation. 

5. Little Things

Little Things

Little things, that can be one of the most romantic Indian web series on Netflix A simple show about a young couple’s struggle to adjust themselves into a new independent life, getting weighed down by more money than they have ever seen or used and frightened that it all might one day just vanish. 

This is a show that never let its intrinsic core get disturbed by the temptation of mass appeal. 

This should definitely be the next on your ‘Netflix and Chill’ list. 

6. Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers

No! This cartoon show cannot be treated just as a Netflix series for teens.

I promise it will be the most amazing TV series to watch with your girlfriend

30 minutes of pure and never ending bliss with Tina, who is a nerdily fantastic teenage girl and loves to write erotic friend fictions, Mom Linda, who is the most carefree character, and Gene, who is literally a goofball. This cartoon show is going to lighten up your weekend with its vivaciously good vibes. 

I bet your partner will thank you for making them watch this cartoon series. 

7. 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why

After it’s premier in March 2017, this compelling Netflix series for teens has attracted a lot of recognition and a handful of controversies. This teen drama draws attention to serious subjects like attempted school shootings, youth suicide and rape, making it quite a tough watch for the soft hearted. The third season of 13 reasons why is due in a few days and has displayed the possibility of two more seasons owing to the ability of the show to draw major attention. 

13 Reasons why can be the choicest of Netflix shows for couples who have different tastes in what to watch.

8. Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is fiction based web series for youth, making it a perfect Tv series to watch with your boyfriend if he loves all things tech and fiction. 

It started a few years ago when Charlie Brooker’s famous dystopian series made its place at Netflix. Thrilling imagination and predictions about perils of human-technology companionship has drastically enhanced the stellar rapport of the show. This anthology series is just fit to fill your boots with its stirring twists. 

9. Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Including this in your next Netflix and Chill weekend will be the best choice you make. 

Picturized in Hawkins, Indiana, the strange sci-fi incidents have been thrilling Netflix viewers since 2016. The last season of the show that came along just a month back, changed almost everything. The twenty five electrifying episodes of this web series for youth are going to make you wanna be a season in a day kind of a person. Your partner will be glad they let you decide what to watch. 

Get your box of fox nuts and popcorn for the series marathon. 

10. Making A Murderer

Making A Murderer

A warning: This may be frighteningly addictive and I don’t want you to blame me that I didn’t caution you. 

If your boyfriend is already a fan of True detective, then this 10-hour long documentary spread over the course of 10 years is just the ideal TV series to watch with your boyfriend.  

You may be worried if your partner will like it or not, but I challenge you that your difference in choice for TV shows won’t matter here. 

Order in a pizza and enjoy your Netflix and Chill weekend. 

Get on your neflixation mode with your partner and I bet, when you see your face on the dark screen between episodes on Netflix, you will quietly whisper- We need to stop!

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