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mPanchang – India’s No.1 Astrology Portal, Know How?

mPanchang – India’s No.1 Astrology Portal, Know How?

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mPanchang is India’s No.1 Astrology portal which provides you with detailed information on various aspects of Indian Astrology. All the information here is based on Hindu Vedic Astrology. Let’s take a sneak peek at what mPanchang offers:

Why do we need Astorlogy?

Astrology plays a vital role in enhancing as well as enriching our personality, traits, vision, thoughts to make us a better person in many ways. There are a lot of ways which we adore and follow in our day to day lives to improvise ourselves.

A lot of scenarios and aspects can be made better with the help of Astrology. By understanding the basic needs and demand of the audience’s, mPanchang has been established!

Hence, here all the relevant topics covering and describing the Indian Astrology are mentioned. May it be Kundli, Kundli Match, Rahu Kaal, Panchang or anything. Everything and anything mentioned in the Hindu Vedic Astrology can be found on this website.


Let’s know how Astrology can play a vital role?

Talking about Kundli, when we talk about kundli or horoscope, all we understand is that kundali can tell about our past, present and future. But, there is a lot more which we need to understand and cope up with.

All of this understanding can be gained with the help of detailed kundli version provided by mPanchang. This detailed Kundli of your’s will narrate you about various aspects of life which are not even aware of. This can help you gain better mental strength and higher confidence level.  

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Talking about various aspects of Astrology

Now, talking about Kundli Match! We love someone and we wish to get married to them or as per Hindu Mythology, understanding and matching of planets are very important according to the Hindu traditions.

Hence, Kundli Matching plays a vital role here in enhancing our visibility towards the union that we are willing to get into. Also, it reveals a lot about you and your partner when Guna Milan is done. Gun Milan reveals a lot about the union as the planetary positions of both the partners are compared, matched and revealed.

Therefore, get your version of Kundli Matching by mPanchang now. This a detailed Kundli Matching report which will reveal many aspects of the union. All the aspects provided to you in the report are unique and are constructed with utmost precision by top Astrologers in India.

It is believed that no auspicious work should be executed during Rahu Kaal. But, do you know why, when, how and what is the relevance, behind the myth? Well, all the answers can be derived and stated here.

You can also check, ‘Rahu Kaal today’ for each day. This will keep you updated with good times and bad times. Hence, you can start any auspicious work with the correct knowledge of timing. Therefore, stay updated and intact!

Considering Rahu Kaal, ‘Panchang’ automatically becomes one of the most important aspects of Astrology. Panchang for the day or month gives an individual to stay updated with good and auspicious timings.

Everything that you perform and execute during your day depends on planetary positions and timings. Panchang, plays a vital role in keeping an understanding of both. mPanchang keeps you updated with Panchang, each day and month!

Make use of ‘Today Panchang’ and ‘Month Panchang’ to tune yourself with good times and attain new heights in life.

Indian traditions are rooted in various Festivals, Vrat and Upvaas. These Festivals and Vrat constitute the beauty and aura of Indian traditions and values. Therefore, we would like to keep it more intact and reachable to as many people as possible.

Get a list of major Indian, Hindu Festivals along with the list of major Vrat & Upavas on mPanchang.

To sum up everything

Everything mentioned above is just a glimpse of many aspects and points covered on mPanchang. The information which is displayed on mPanchnag is constructed with utmost precision and after an intense research.

Our team of Astrologers and experts works day and night to get the best & precise informational facts to our viewers.

Hence, why not to get the best when it is available with such an ease?

Visit, mPanchang to know everything about Astrology!

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