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Most Inspiring Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi To Motivate You

One of the most influential and leading personalities of the 20th Century, Mahatma Gandhi, had the most inspiring leadership in the Indian Freedom movement. Moral values of Mahatma Gandhi, his belief in his ideologies and his courage to follow them till the end of his life is something that each one of us needs to learn. 

“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed”

I am truly impressed by his convictions and philosophy for a peaceful and successful life.

For me, this day, 2nd October, is truly special, for every year, it reminds of the things that are missing from our lives, even though we are fully equipped with the resources to succeed in life.

Every part of Mahatma Gandhi’s life is a source of wisdom and inspiration, that constantly encourages the people to grow into their own beliefs- for that’s the only way to succeed.

“To believe in something, and not live it, is dishonest”

His entire life story is filled with lessons and teachings for almost all aspects of our lives. Every single teaching of Mahatma Gandhi, enlightens us with his far-sighting wisdom that by changing ourselves, we can change the entire world. 

Gandhi’s fundamentals for changing the World, will instantly click your mind, and will drive you to use these simple yet impactful fundamentals in your life, if you wish to change the World. 

Top Mahatma Gandhi fundamentals for changing the World

The man who fought for the freedom of the country, without using a single weapon, is known for using his courage, compassion and calm against the oppression, and freed our nation from the rulers, ripping the country of its wealth and population. 

To mark our beloved Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary, I bring to you some of the most inspiring Mahatma Gandhi quotes, derived straight from his life, that will motivate you to keep working towards your goals. 

The weak can never forgive - Mahatma Gandhi

Your strength is defined by your capability of showing your compassion towards others by forgiving them for something that they did, that in someway, hurt you. By not forgiving them, you become weak. You lose our strength because of the extra weight of the hatred and revenge that you carry around with yourself, which slows down your pace to move forward and rise above everything that is holding you back. According to this quote of Mahatma Gandhi, By granting forgiveness, you release that extra baggage that is constantly weighing you down. 

Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi

This Mahatma Gandhi Quote tells you that all your life, you are running behind collecting material possessions. You spend your days and most late nights, working at the office, trying to get that extra bonus. You forget that you are losing your health in your pursuit of making the best careers. You spend most of the time working, ripping yourselves of the most precious possession, that is your health– mental and physical. 

Mahatma Gandhi Sayings

Happiness and joy come to you when you create and follow your own path. When you refuse to settle for what others expect from you. When you reject the ideas of what others think you should and shouldn’t be doing, rather, you live your life the way you feel is just right for YOU. When you back your words with your actions, and when you choose to do the right thing even when no one is watching you. When your conscience smiles at you for doing the right thing. 

This Mahatma Gandhi Quote tells you that Real happiness lies in your integrity. 

Mahatma Gandhi quotes on leadership

This lesson points at ignoring your haters. People who hate you are generally the ones who are jealous of your success and achievements. To keep going on your path to success, it is important to ignore what the haters say or think about you. Once you succeed, their hateful and demotivating comments will be put to rest, and the joke will be on them. 

Gandhi quotes on peace

The quality of being a human, benevolence, is not something that every human is blessed with. Some individuals are oblivious to kindness and you can’t redefine your path or lose your patience because of these people. You need to be faithful and loyal to your dreams and goals. You need to be compassionate and true to your friends and family. Just because a bunch of people you met are spiteful, doesn’t mean that you stop trusting the goodness of the others. 

Mahatma Gandhi quotes on success

When it comes to strength, physical strength doesn’t matter as much as your inner strength- your will to do things and to bring them to a conclusion. Strength is when you learn to stand your ground in the face of adversities. The real meaning of strength is not in putting down the weak ones, but in having the intention and determination of standing up for them. 

Gandhi quotes about life

You need to learn to recognise your own talents. Are you really doing the best you can? Did you put in all the efforts that you could? 

If you are not aware of your own capabilities, how do you expect the World to recognise your competence?

Teaching of Mahatma Gandhi

You cannot know if you can succeed until you actually try. You can’t move an inch without lifting your feet. Yes, not succeeding may sometimes affect your confidence, but you wouldn’t know unless you actually take a chance. The learning you get from this Mahatma Gandhi Quote is that you don’t need to be afraid of failure, for it’s a proof that you tried. 

Moral Values of Mahatma Gandhi

People are meant to judge you and they will form different perceptions about you, depending on their capacity. You on the other hand, can’t be bothered by what others think about you. This Mahatma Gandhi quote guides you that you cannot let someone’s discouraging ideas pull you away from moving on the path to success. 

Mahatma Gandhi Slogan

The one who shouts is actually the one who is at fault. When you get angry, you exhibit your fear, you exhibit that you are not right. Everytime you get into disagreements, just stay composed. As per this Mahatma Gandhi quote, you don’t have to show your anger to prove that you are right. However, if you know that you are not truly fair, then you don’t really have the right to express your anger towards others, but to yourself.

Gandhi Ji’s high-mindedness lies in how he implemented his thoughts in his life. Everytime, at social gatherings, when he was asked to give a message to the people, he simply used to say, “My life is my message”. He believed that,

“A Man is the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes”

From my viewpoint, the reason why we as a Nation are still struggling is because we have been more inclined towards mimicking the West and adopting their growth models. 

The result?

Well, we may boast about the “haven of good fortune”, that we have created, the common people however, still continue to survive in vast areas of darkness.

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