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Leo Personality Traits

Symbolized by the fierce Lion, Leo personality has a commanding aura around them. They consider themselves superior to others and have a distinct air of pride and dignity. Influenced by the fire element, they are passionate and always brimming with energy. Ruled by the Sun, they always have a burning desire to be the center of attraction wherever they go. And, they do get the attention as they know how to entertain the crowd and spin them to their tunes. Some most common Leo traits include courage, passion, flamboyance, honesty and generosity among others. Leo personality comes out as strong and fierce but they have an equal amount of benevolence quotient which makes them a favorite of many. There are many aspects to a Leo, let us know more about some Leo Characteristics.

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Leos are the life of every party. Being the center of attention is what they love. All things dark and boring have no place in their life. They are born entertainers and are the perfect hosts to their friends.

– Kind

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Surprisingly, beneath that strong and fierce demeanor lies an exceptionally kind heart. They are always sympathetic and supportive when others are in trouble. They do not think twice before lending a helping hand to the needy.

– Optimistic

Leo is a colorful personality. They love all the bright things in life and spend their life with positivity and optimism. They spread this joy and positive vibes wherever they go.

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– Loyal and Romantic

They believe in larger than life romance. They love getting treated with all the expensive gifts and lavish dinners and would not mind being extravagant to pamper their love. They are extremely loyal and committed when in a relationship.


The dominating and controlling attitude is one Leo trait that can be found in everyone belonging to this sign. They like to boss around and are headstrong in terms of their opinions and decisions. Also, Leos have a large ego which can get a little difficult to handle by others.

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