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International Yoga Day 2018 : Benefits and Importance

International Yoga Day, or also known as Yoga day, is celebrated every year on June 21 since its inception in the year 2015. Yoga is a 5000-year-old physical, a mental and spiritual exercise which has its origin in India. It transforms both body and mind, mentally as well as spiritually. Yoga is quite an old practice which is followed in India since time immemorial.

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Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, requested world leaders to declare and adopt International Yoga Day, saying that by changing our way of life and creating consciousness, Yoga can help us to manage environmental change, as well. Addressing to the 193-member UN General Assembly in United Nations, Modi stated “Let us take a step forward towards adopting an International Yoga Day,” Noting that Yoga is “a precious gift of our ancient tradition”, he stated: “It isn’t about exercise but to find the feeling of unity with yourself, the world and the nature.”

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Yoga symbolizes the unity of body and mind, thought and action, restrain and fulfillment, harmony between human and nature, a general and whole approach to health and well-being, he said. By modifying our way of living and creating consciousness, it can help in being – well mentally, physically and spiritually.

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Why is International Yoga Day celebrated on 21st of June?

June 21 is the day of the Summer Solstice. It is viewed as the longest day of the year with the sun rising early and setting late for the northern half of the globe. The summer solstice is also viewed as a critical day in Indian mythology as it denotes an occasion that could be revered as the day of the beginning of Yogic science.

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Importance of International Yoga Day

With each passing year, International Day of Yoga (IDY) has received immense positive reactions from people all over the world from varying backgrounds, caste, creed, and age. As the world gears up to celebrate the fourth edition of International Yoga Day, it is time you get your yoga mats out and make yourself mentally, physically and spiritually fit.

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IDY 2018 will be much bigger and greater just with many people setting out to make Yoga a regular part of their life. Yoga offers you a clean and healthy body, sharp brain and adds quality to life. Yoga encourages you to remain calm and compose, amidst such a stressful life. ‘Promise to Yoga’ is an activity asking individuals to live a serene, happy, healthy, and holistic life.

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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has various health benefits which can help you fulfill a lot of your fitness goals

  1.     Increases flexibility
  2.     Maintains a balanced metabolism
  3.     It allows the people to connect with Mother Nature.
  4.    It helps to reduce the rate of different illnesses and diseases all over the world.

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International Yoga Day is a way to bring communities together as they spend a day devoted to good health away from their busy schedules. Be a part of the International Yoga Day Program with the camps going around you and support Yoga day on June 21. Celebrate this International Day of Yoga and witness a positive transformation.

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