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Importance of Ashada Amavasya 2018 – Find Date and Timings


About Ashada Amavasya

As per Hindu calendar, Ashada is the fourth month of the Hindu calendar. Monsoon season generally starts from this month.

As per English calendar, the long stretch of Ashadh begins in June or July. This month is revered as a holy and spiritual month.  Every single Hindu month in the Hindu calendar is named after the groups of stars or constellations. The name of the Ashadh month is additionally based on Purasadhyadha and Uttarataradhara constellations. Many festivals are celebrated in this religious month.  

Ashada Amavasya is the no Moon day in the Ashada month or Ashad month. This day is quite popular and is considered auspicious for Pitru tarpan and Pind Pradhan. On this particular day, most of the Hindus clean their home and light diyas all around the house. They also clean and decorate a ‘Chourang’ with rangoli outlines around it. All the diyas are set on the table and lit to perform a pooja. It is believed that all the radiations of the light of the diyas will bring prosperity and remove all the darkness from the life of the devotees and open doors for success and happiness. A

Deep puja, to a great extent, is dedicated to the Hindu god of Pancha Maha Bhuta that is the five elemental components – Air, Water, Fire, Sky and the Earth. On Ashada Amavasya, deepa puja is the performed by the Hindus.

Ashada Amavasya 2018 Timings

As per Hindu Calendar, Ashada Amavasya 2018 will be celebrated on Friday, 13th July 2018.

Ashada Amavasya is a significantly auspicious day for Pithru tharpanam and Pinda Pradhan. Though each Amavasya day is basic to offer our respect to our ancestors, but Ashada Amavasya has a distinct kind of religious relevance for Pitru Tharpanam and Pinda Pradhan.

On this day, Pitru devatas are extraordinarily powerful and every good deed like charity, puja or some other holy rituals performed by us will get us in touch with them and bring peace to their spirits.

Gatari Amavasya is a famous festival celebrated in Maharashtra. Gatari Amavasya falls on the Ashadha Amavasya day. Gatari is a celebration of euphoria and bliss. Maharashtrians abstain from different sorts of non-vegetarian food and don’t consume liquor. Ashadh Amavasya is also observed as ‘Bheemana Amavasya’ in Karnataka and ‘Chukkala Amavasya’ in Andhra Pradesh and ‘Hariyali Amavasya’ in Gujarat state.

Some people also observe fast on this day and pray to Lord Vishnu to seek his blessings. Amavasya Vrat is quite powerful. The devotees who observe this fast with utmost devotion are blessed with happiness, health, wealth and success. You can know more about Ashada Amavasya and Other Amavasya Dates on mPanchang.

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