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How to make Rahu favorable?

Rahu is one of the feared planets in Hindu Astrology. If the position of Rahu is afflicted and unfavorable in person’s horoscope, the native will face many troubles and problems in every sphere of life. Under the effect of Rahu, a home will suffer several unfavorable results. The family will withstand many collisions and rivalries among the members.

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The adverse effects of Rahu are clearly visible. The children will become very weak under the influence of Rahu. They will always remain unhappy and think of moving away from home to a hostel or some other places to find stability. In some part of the house, water stagnation will be seen, and you will also notice some cracks or patches in the walls or roof especially in the kitchen. The home will be dirty and dusty and will give an unwelcoming ambiance.

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In Vedic Astrology, Rahu is viewed as a malefic planet by nature. It bonds a friendly relationship with Saturn, Mercury and Venus and is neutral towards Jupiter and Mars. Sun and Moon are its rival planets, with it being more unfavorable to Sun. Rahu impacts in gravest ways during its dasha, retrogression or travels through a sign. A house that is under the malefic impact of Rahu gets truly influenced. This shadow planet when positive for a horoscope increases spiritual inclination, wealth prospects, social status and a chance of settling in foreign.

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How to make Rahu Favorable?

  1. Worshipping Durga and chanting Goddess Durga Mantra is a great way to please Rahu.
  2. Note down the Rahu Kaal (every day there is a period as per Panchang which is named as the Rahu Kaal ) of each day and meditate during that time.
  3. Fasting on Saturdays is also a good way to make Rahu favorable for you!
  4. Respecting your ancestors and remembering them is another excellent way to make Rahu positive in your life!
  5. Respect the Guru in your life, and it is the best way to remove the harmful effects of Rahu! Guru represents Jupiter and Jupiter is the only planet that can control Rahu.
  6. Feeding fishes is another excellent remedy for Rahu.
  7. Remove the negativity in your mind about Rahu. It is essential to understand that every planet is an endeavor to teach you to go towards your “self”! Rahu gives you a lot of aspiration to know that life is beyond these desires! After fulfilling a desire caused by Rahu, you usually feel a sense of emptiness in your life!
  8. The discipline of Saturn and Wisdom of Jupiter is required to stabilize Rahu in life!
  9. Read about the Samudra Manthan story and learn about the birth of Rahu and Ketu! Understand it deeply and it might benefit you

Consult an Astrologer to know about which remedy will work best for you to nullify the effect of Rahu Dosha entirely.

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