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how can we calculate rahu kaal for today, tomorrow and so on?

What is rahu Kaal?

Rahu Kaal, as the name suggests, is the time or period of Rahu. According to Hindu astrology, ‘Rahu’ is a malefic planet and during ‘Rahu Kalam’, as it is also known, one should refrain from doing any auspicious activity or taking up any auspicious venture. As per Vedic or Indian Astrology, the planets include Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu. Though, Rahu and Ketu are not physical bodies but they are considered immensely powerful by astrologers and their negative effect can be extremely dangerous. Any auspicious activity or Puja or Hawan if performed during the time phase of Rahu, then it will never achieve the desired outcome owing to the evil effects of Rahu. So, the need and importance of finding out Rahu Kalam Timing becomes indispensable when commencing any new work.

rahu kaal today
                                                  Rahu Kaal Today

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Calculating Today’s Rahu Kaal

Rahu Kaal  is a time phase that lasts for about 1.5 hours during a day and is one of the 8 segments that a day comprises of. Essentially, the total time duration between sunrise and sunset at a particular location is calculated and then divided by 8 which gives us the eight segments of the day. In astrology as well as astronomy, planetary positions keep varying so the auspicious or inauspicious hours would not remain the same each day. Simply put, Today’s Rahu kalam would differ from the day previous or the day after to it. Moreover, for different locations,  “Rahu Kaal” would be different as the timings of sunrise and sunset differ from place to place. So, it becomes imperative to find out Rahu Kalam timing with the help of Rahu Kalam chart before initiating any important work. In Hindu households, especially in South India, important events such as marriage rituals, starting a new business, purchasing vehicle, Grah Pravesh are not done without due consideration to Rahu Kaal.  

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Rahu Kaal falls in specific units on a particular day of the week. The 1st segment post Sunrise is considered Shubh as it is free from the negative effects of Rahu. Rest, for every day, the Rahu Kalam  is

  • Monday – 2nd Unit
  • Tuesday – 7th Unit
  • Wednesday – 5th Unit
  • Thursday – 6th Unit
  • Friday – 4th Unit
  • Saturday – 3rd Unit
  • Sunday – 8th Unit      

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Calculation of Rahu Kaal post sunset is not considered relevant as no auspicious work is started during night time. However, it can be done calculating the total time between sunset and next day’s sunrise and then dividing it by 8. It is important to note here that Rahu Kaal timings are only considered when a new and auspicious work is commenced. After commencement, the timings of Rahu are not considered significant. Also, if there is any work or Puja which is related to Rahu or to pacify Rahu will yield best results when performed during Rahu Kalam.

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