home remedies for rahu ketu dosha

Home Remedies for Rahu and Ketu Dosh

In Hindu mythology, Rahu and Ketu are considered as two shadow planets. Rahu and Ketu were essentially asuras who came and sat with the devas when they were being served ‘Amrit‘ or remedy. When they were found consuming Amrit,  Lord Vishnu chopped off their heads with his Sudarshan chakra. After this incident, Rahu and Ketu became immortal. These two malefic planets can give a lot of trouble and inconvenience if their rahu kaal present in your kundali.

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Rahu Dosha occurs in one’s Kundali when, each of the planets in your chart come in between Rahu, the snake’s head, and Ketu, the dragon’s tail. The presence of Rahu Dosha has adverse impacts on every one of the planets in your chart which are surrounded by the serpent and lose all their positive effects to a great extent which makes an individual highly unlucky. Troubles surround them and several important occasions/events of their life are delayed and almost every aspect of their life is adversely affected. It is believed that if a person is born with Rahu Dosha, then he/she goes through sufferings and agonies for the entire duration of their life.

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Home remedies for Rahu Ketu dosha

There are several remedies that one can do at their home to reduce or nullify the effect of Rahu Ketu Dosha.  

  1. You should offer sweets to orphans and homeless children to diminish the negativity of Ketu.
  2. You need to chant Shiv Panchakshar mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” for 108 times daily.
  3. You should offer belpatra, fruits, raw milk and water to Shivling in Lord Shiva temple.
  4. One can also recite Dosh nivaran mantra 108 times regularly.
  5. You should frequently seek blessings of Lord Shiva. 10. Visit a nearby Lord Shiva temple daily and offer water.
  6. You can wear or keep a nivaran yantra or rudraksha mala.
  7. You can perform the Naga puja and chant specific mantras for 21 consecutive days.
  8. Wear a nivaran ring made of silver.
  9. You can perform Rudra abhishek.
  10. You may offer a cobra or Naga Snake made of copper or gold to any Lord Shiva temple.
  11. You can perform Kala Sarpa Nivarana puja in Srikalahasti temple, Andhra Pradesh. There are other famous temples where these kinds of pujas can be done.
  12. Eat in the kitchen as often as possible.
  13. Perform Jaap for Rahu and Ketu individually.
  14. Red and coral colors should be avoided, particularly in clothing and jewelry.
  15. Donating monochrome plaid blankets to the needy, homeless and underprivileged is one of the most effective remedies for Rahu & Ketu dosha.  
  16. Giving mustard oil works wonders to reverse the malefic effect.  
  17. If someone is born under the malefic influence of Ketu should also take care of dogs and provide shelter to street dogs.
  18. You shouldn’t wear black clothes.
  19. Yellow and white are considered two favorable colors for Ketu.

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