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Hindu Vedic Astrology refers to the ancient Indian science that describes the effect of movement and position of planets on the Zodiac signs which in turn influence the life events and personality traits of human beings.

This stream of science has evolved over the period of thousands of years by Rishi Munis and was documented as “Jyotish Vidya”.

As per the Indian Vedic Astrology, 27 constellations from 12 zodiac signs and moon sign of a person is decided as per the position of Moon in a particular sign at the time of the birth and Lagna is referred to as Ascendant sign derived from the rising sun in East Horizon.

Hindu Vedic astrologers use Lagna to make Horoscope for a person and with the help of the same, live events of the concerned person can be predicted.

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It helps to resolve uncertain events that may happen in the future but it does not mean that you have to rely on destiny completely but you should focus on Karmas. At mPanchang, our expert astrologers help you with accurate predictions after careful analysis of your kundali.

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As per Hindu Vedic Astrology, it is said that planet and its position in Horoscope govern nature and determines the behavior of the natives and time, place and date of birth are being considered in order to make predictions.

Vedic Hindu Astrology answers questions and covers major aspects of life like family, love relationship, sex, business, money, education etc. and a lot more. It helps you to get answers to critical questions like what kind of business to start, career choice, new home selection, selecting life partner based on compatibility and much more.


There are people in this world who struggle a lot and unable to get to their desired goals and their wishes remain unfulfilled in life, Hindu Vedic Astrology is able to find out the reason for the same i.e. planetary position ephemeris in the Horoscope. In these kinds of situations, Hindu Vedic Astrology proves to be a boon as it provides reasons and corrective actions to eradicate such problems from your life.

As per the Hindu Vedic Astrology, Date of birth of a person determines the zodiac sign and the same is ruled by a specific planet. All the Vedic Astrological predictions are based on the Zodiac sign of a person.

Panchang offers online Kundali software to the users so that birth chart and various other astrological detail can be prepared. This software is user-friendly and just need few particular details like Time, place and date of birth. Once these details are furnished and it will give the various astrological predictions immediately like Mangal Dosha, Annual overview, Dasha predictions, Sade Sati etc.

There is a very unique method being employed by Hindu Vedic Astrology which is called as Dasha system. This system is unique for every person and considers the life as 120 years divided into 9 periods as per the 9 different planets. Each period is further divided into sub-periods and sequence remains the same barring the start point which is determined by minutes in the birth chart and specific Nakshatra position. Dasha system ensures a better quality of life significantly.


As per Hindu Vedic Astrology, Planets constantly move and change the position periodically. At mPanchang, Our experts in Hindu Vedic Astrology can give insights about what to expect during this planetary movement?

There is another dimension to Hindu Vedic Astrology which is called as Ashtakavarga. This was devised by Parashar muni and predicted that it will be very useful for people during Kalyug. It is considered as a very advanced method to the dean extensive study of a Horoscope that includes studying the correlation between the placements of two planets and to find out the strength of a specific planet transition.

Hence, if you need any information regarding Hindu Vedic Astrology Predictions and looking for accurate horoscope, then mPanchang is one perfect destination for your search.

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