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Ephemeris – position of planets, stars and other celestial bodies in the Universe

Astrology, whether it is Hindu or Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology, revolves around the position of planets, stars and other celestial bodies in the Universe. Planetary positions and their movements deeply influence the course of our lives and the general phenomena of the Universe. Ephemeris is essentially a book or a chart that comprises of the planetary positions of each day of a particular year and is widely used for astronomical applications. Let us know more about Ephemeris, its significance in Astrology and its working in detail.

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What is an Ephemeris?

Ephemeris is a term that is derived from Latin and Greek words meaning diary or a journal. So, it is basically a diary that keeps a record of the celestial positions and movements at a particular time and day of the year. Ephemeris is a highly significant document when it comes to Astronomical calculations and gauging celestial navigations. It provides the positions of the natural celestial objects as well as artificial satellites at specific times.

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Earlier, an Ephemeris was produced as a printed copy with tables and specific values against them. The calculations of the positions and specific movements were done manually by Astronomical experts. However, Modern Ephemeris is now derived from electronic computations and calculations of the positions and motions of the Earth as well as other celestial objects.

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The Astronomical phenomena which interests the Astronomers and for which they seek the guidance of an Ephemeris include phases of the moon, eclipses, planet retrograde, sidereal time and planetary ingresses among others.

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Significance of Ephemeris in Astrology

It is a stated fact that Ephemeris is most widely used for Astronomy and Celestial Navigation. However, what is not known is that this chart of planetary and celestial positions is most extensively used in the field of Astrology, as well. Several Astrologers use an Ephemeris as a guiding chart to make predictions on the basis of the position of the planets.

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This tabular representation helps the Astrologers to find out the auspicious and inauspicious phases in a particular month or year. The charting of planetary positions as well as the knowledge of particular Nakshatra enables the Astrologers to make accurate horoscope predictions according to specific star signs. An Ephemeris can provide the exact position of the planets at the time of one’s birth, so it helps a great deal in finding out which stars and planets will influence one’s personality and course of life, in general.

Astronomically, it is used for devising the celestial navigation software which somewhere helps in Spacecraft navigation. It can also be an alternative for GPS, as well.

An Ephemeris also provides information about the position of Asteroids, Comets and other celestial bodies.  


Where can an Ephemeris be checked?

The websites or Android applications related to Astronomy and Astrology such as mPanchang might contain an Ephemeris going back to several years. These sites enable one to find out Ephemeris of a particular date, month or year through which one can easily find out what planet is in which Nakshatra and is positioned at what degree.


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