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Does Moon Effect your Stars and Planets in Horoscope?


Has anyone thought of the importance of the Moon and its role in the Panchangam? Well if not then you have to think about it as it sustains the life on Earth.

  • It also considered as the second most important planet after the Sun.
  • The Moon indicates Mental and Emotional Power in all human beings.
  • It helps to maintain the Stability in relations with each other.

Also, the Moon and the Sun are used to read or to predict some of the important spheres of a person’s life from his Horoscope.

Some astrologers do suggest some names for the people by considering his/her Birth Constellation and taking the Moon movement and position at the moment of birth.

Not only all of these but so many weekly, monthly forecasts are also made on the basis of their Moon Sign and its position. It is very unlike in western Astrology where every prediction and forecast is based totally on Sun Signs and dates or months of birth.

In this article, we will try to share the astrological role of the Moon in the life of Human beings.

  • Our Moon is considered to be the Queen of the Solar System.
  • Moon has a capability of giving Mental Power and Prosperity.

This prosperity in life is very much linked to the combined positions of the Moon with Jupiter or with any other benefic planets in the solar system.

Every planet has its own significance like Jupiter denotes Wealth. Thus, the combination of both planets is considered very special and auspicious for wealth and prosperity.

In Vedic Astrology, the mind is considered to be the direct ruler of the mind more than any other planet in the Horoscopes, so all the calculations for any Marriage or any match making are done by observing the position and phase shift of the Moon.

  • Poets have used the moon by representing it as the Love and beauty.
  • They also compared the beauty of both Moon and women in their literature and poetry.

Moon has been favorable subjects for scientists too. Not only in telugu Panchangam but also it has much significance in some other sectors.

Even though the Moon is very much small among all other planets in this Solar System it has the Enormous effect on the Human Beings on the Earth. Women Menstrual periods are also governed by the movements and phase shifts of the Moon itself.

The Sun and Moon are considered to be the two eyes of the universe. Moon has a very special and unique place in the Astrology as women break their fasting by looking at the Moon. In some special cases, the fasts are directly related to the Moon itself.

In the Vedic Astrology, Moon was considered to be the having the power of ascendant and the extraordinary importance is given by just preparing the separate Natal Chart by assuming the Moon as the Ascendant.

So many Sub-periods and Major mythological calculations are based on the Moon and Nakshatras in the Hindu Astrology. We all knew that the Gravitational force of the Moon and Sun causes the tides in the oceans and other water bodies.

And also, the moon has no light of its own, it just reflects the light of the Sun falling on it. So, it is represented as the mother as it nourishes the life on the Earth as its mother.

  • Moon can be taken as the positive and negative when it comes to astrology.
  • Positive Moon denotes the Joy, happiness, Peace in Minds, enthusiasm etc.

while the negative Moon indicates the tensions, depressions, pessimistic attitude towards other people, Suicidal tendencies in depressed people.

The Moon can be a potential barrier between the universe, Planets and Human beings. If the moon gets affected by something then deep effects can be caused by our hearts and emotions.

  • That’s why the Moon is allotted with number 2 in the Numerology.
  • Moon’s closeness to earth can have the direct effect on Females.

Ancient sages have given a huge importance to the Sun in the development of Mankind physiologically. And also, the Moon reflects the entire personality growth of a Human Being also in terms of Psychological Growth.

As the Moon rules the mind and the emotions, people under the strong influence of the Moon are usually very emotional and can be easily hurt. Such people can also be romantic and sensitive as well.

These people usually care a lot for the people around them and expect the same in return and also have a chance of getting hurt easily when they don’t get what they expect. But they also can easily forgive others and can keep on caring for a person even after getting hurt by them many times.

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