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14 Unique DIY Diwali Decoration Ideas

Decorated courtyards and beautiful lights sparkling through the streets, is the first image that comes to our mind when we think of the Diwali festival

Millennials are always looking for innovative ideas to deck up their home space and Diwali comes as a very welcoming chance to spruce up our living space. Diwali- the festival of lights is the best time to brighten up our home and workplace, but the age-old lighting and bulbs, seem to be outmoded by innovative and eco-friendly DIY Diwali decoration ideas. 

Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Just a few days away, Diwali 2019 will be celebrated on October 27’2019. The festivities have already begun with Navratri celebrations and everyone is excited to celebrate the most awaited festival of the year. 

Decorate your living space with these amazing and most creative insta-worthy decoration ideas for Diwali-

1. Paper Cup Lights Covers

Bangle Diya Shades

This is one thing that must already be in your shopping list. Use some beautiful and colorful paper cups to give your string lightings a new look. Make a small cross cut on the bottom of the paper cup and pass your light through them. These paper cups will give your lights an entirely different look. 

Pro-tip: Use a criss-cross scissor to cut the rim of the paper cups to give it a new look. 

2. Bangle Diya Shades

Every woman has a bangle box which is hidden somewhere at the back of her closet, hardly ever used. This Diwali festival, bring out those colorful bangles and create beautiful eco friendly shades for diya. Just glue different colored bangles one over the other to make beautiful diwali light shades. Use glass bangles only, as they can bear the heat of the lamp. Place diya or candles in these bangle shades. 

Pro-tip: Use these shades later as a pen stand or center table decoration. 

3. Incandescent Bottles

Bottle lighting-Diwali decoration

Stuff the string lights with the tiniest of bulbs, inside colorful wine bottles of different shapes and sizes, and give your living room and garden area a mesmerizing and angelic look. 

Pro-tip: Post festival, use this bottle light as a night lamp in your bedroom. 

4. Hula Hoop Chandeliers

Hand made chandelier

You must have used hula hoop rings as a child and now all they do is lay unused, somewhere in the storage room. Bring out those hula hoop rings and wind the string lights, around the hula hoop in a haphazard manner and create a festive chandelier for Diwali decoration. You can hang this chandelier in your living room or in your courtyard if you have a big one. 

Pro-tip: Hoop chandelier can be used post Diwali as a nightlight or outdoor decoration. 

5. Paper Windchimes

Windchimes with paper

We all learnt origami and paper art as a child, and this Diwali festival, you can use this art to craft out beautiful windchimes. You can use different colors and shades of handmade paper to create amazing windchimes to hand at the entrance of your house. 

Pro-tip: Use paper art to create handcrafted Diwali toran, which is hung on the entrance as a Diwali ritual. 

6. Tassel Wall Hangings

Tassel wall hanging

Strung up tassels and sequins on a thread to create beautiful wall hangings. Tassels and sequins are very shiny and twinkle when light falls on them. Use these shiny wall hangings to decorate your house. 

7. Flower Bells

Flower decoration for diwali

You would argue that bells resonate with the Christmas festival and not Diwali. Imagine big marigold flowers strung up with a huge golden bell. Speaks Diwali right? 

Use these flower bells to decorate your temple for Lakshmi Pooja, or hang them with your ceiling to make the perfect decoration for your home and workplace. 

Pro-tip: Use tassels or sequins in place of flowers to create reusable bell decorations. 

8. Paper Quilling Diya Stands

Paper Quilling

Create colorful paper quillings to design diya stands and decorate your Pooja ki thaali for Diwali Pooja in an innovative manner. Make elliptical, triangular or circular paper quillings to put around the light and you will be amazed at how beautiful it looks when placed on the center table or bedside table. 

Pro-tip: Use these paper quilling diya stands as coasters post your Diwali celebrations. 

9. Luminescent Jars

Mason Jar light ideas

Having an outdoor party and don’t know how to decorate your garden or pool area? Just grab hold of a few mason jars and stuff them up with string lights or standalone colorful bulbs. Now find the right spot for these jars and watch them light up your party theme with full swag. 

10. Handcrafted Shades

Paper shades

Use colorful papers to create beautiful lampshades for your Diwali lighting. Use a needle to perforate a design on a rectangular sheet of paper. Then fold the paper into cylindrical structure and glue the ends. Place it over a candle or diya and enjoy the beautiful luminescent effect that it showcases. 

Pro-tip: You can also place them on the bulbs of your night lamp and give a different color to the lighting in your room. 

11. Floating Candles and Flowers 

Floating candles

This must be the most common and easiest Diwali decoration tips. Fill any dishtray or flat bowls or earthen art bowls with water and put in some floating diyas and flowers to create a perfect Diwali decoration. These also make for a great formal Diwali gift to be sent along with Diwali greetings

12. Pathway Decors

Pathway flower decoration

Draw beautiful patterns along the pathway of your home and fill them with whole flowers instead of just petals to create a unique flower rangoli. 

13. Patterned Rangoli

Pattern Rangoli for Diwali

Diwali is incomplete without a Rangoli which is treated as a compulsory ritual. Making rangolis at the entrance and the gateway of the house is an age old tradition. Create sophisticated Diwali rangoli designs along the entrance of your house, and enliven them with diyas and flowers. 

14. Wall Decors

all decoration ideas

Use paper art to create beautiful wall decors for your living room or Puja room. If you are too crafty and hands on with paper mache, then you can create beautiful paper mache designs on your walls or along the pathway and paint them with beautiful colors and sparkles to give them a festive look this Diwali. 

Summing up-

Decorate your living space this Diwali with my pocket-friendly Diwali decoration tips and enjoy the festival of lights.

May every candle that is lit on this evening, bring joy and prosperity for everyone. 

Happy Diwali 2019!

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