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Difference Between Muhurat and Choghadiya (Auspicious Time)

It is believed that any work done during a good time would yield better results. Muhurat & Choghadiya use in Hindu mythology to find auspicious time. read continue to know how to find the best time and what is difference between Muhurat and Choghadiya.

What is Muhurat?

In Hindu religion, there is a strong belief that astrology works on every living being.  Planets and stars have their own gravitational forces which affect individuals as well as all the life events. So, on the basis of the same, astrologers find and state the prospect of a “suitable or good time” to commence a work in the Hindu calendar (which is moon-based).

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This auspicious time is popularly known as Muhurat. It is believed that any work done during a good time would yield better results and the said work will be completed without any hurdles. This muhurat depends on the type of work and the situations of the planets and Nakshatras.

There can be multiple muhurats in a single day or no muhurat at all for months.

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Shubh muhurat helps in concentrating the positive energy of the planets and other astrological elements in an auspicious way to overturn the evil impacts that can cause troubles at the beginning of any new venture. Doing anything on a Shubh Muhurat ensures that the work will be done smoothly and without a glitch. Moreover, if you begin any work on a Shubh Muhurat, it expands the possibility of happiness and success. Muhurat is a medium which blends your powers with nature and enhances your odds of achievement.

What is Choghadiya?

Choghadiya, as the term suggests, means four ghadis. It is one of the simplest ways to find out the auspicious muhurats in a particular day. As per Vedic Astrology, the time is calculated in Ghadi with each equal to 24 minutes roughly. So, Chaughadia is of approximately 96 minutes duration. It is also known as Choghadiya Table which is mainly referred to check an auspicious date for traveling purposes.

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The most auspicious Choghadiya in a Choghadiya chart are Shubh, Labh and Amrit.

Difference between Muhurat and Choghadiya

There is a minor difference between Muhurat and Choghadiya. Muhurat is a time which is calculated on the basis of the position of the planets and other celestial bodies. Dates for important occasions such as marriage, home or office inauguration, etc. are always decided on the basis of Muhurat. Choghadiya, on the other hand, basically tells us about the auspicious times in a particular day. There can be several Muhurats in a month or not even a single one in a day, whereas Choghadiya comes every day. It is basically a table or a chart that divides the day into 8 parts and details on Shubh as well as Ashubh Muhurat of a particular day.

Want to know the auspicious time of today? Check out the Choghadiya table on mPanchang.

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