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Christmas Themes Ideas For Office Party Celebration

Christmas Party Themes For Office

Unique Christmas Party Themes For Office Celebrations

Office Christmas party is the most fun way to end the year with some cheerful memories and look ahead for the coming year with lots of joy, happiness and bliss. Another Christmas eve is on its way and the plans for the office party have started working their way in office discussions.

If you are fed up with the old and bored stuff, starting with a thanksgiving speech and followed by lunch party and lot more gossips. Then this time, bid goodbye to such old-fashioned and traditional ways of celebrating Christmas and come up with some unique ideas for the party.

Let’s check out some of the Christmas corporate party ideas which can surely assist you in finding ways to enjoy a great party and celebration.

#1. Christmas Costume Night

Donning different costumes is not only meant for the Halloween party but it can be a good idea to celebrate Christmas too. You can organise a office Christmas party based on the theme of costume night. You can also add a small twist by adding the flavors of a favorite movie character of a movie based on Christmas such as Bad Santa, A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Day, etc. You can even keep some prizes for the best dressed Mr and Ms. based upon their attire and dressing. It will push everyone to have their full involvement in the celebrations.

#2. Christmas Potluck for Office Party

Potluck is one of the most famous and prominent theme for office Christmas party. Christmas is meant for relishing the mouth watering delicacies and royal feast. In potluck, every individual at office(or if there are more people then teams could be formed) will be asked to come up with some cuisine and settle in for the potluck Christmas party. It is a great way to know about people and also enjoying different savories. A twist can also be added by assigning a particular cuisine of any state or country to every team and honoring and celebrating the cultural diversity. The team or individual with best dish would be awarded with a present.

#3. Secret Santa

Secret Santa is the game of party theme primarily meant for the office Christmas party celebrations where every individual has to be a secret Santa for some other person at office. Everyone will draw the name of another employee in an anonymous manner and would buy an inexpensive surprise gift for that person. This theme is one of the best office Christmas party themes which is being followed since decades. It is a good way to follow the ritual of Santa Claus distributing surprise gifts as well as to keep everyone excited.

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#4. Decade Theme

Decade theme is one of the most innovative and unique office Christmas party theme which is often used in office celebrations. The decade theme is a new version of costume party where the office people are required to come dressed up as the people representing a particular decade such as 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, etc. Displaying the fashion of that era would be eye catching and will gather the attention and involvement of every individual. To enhance the celebrations and involvement of people, play some famous retro songs and arrange a retro dance.

#5. The Ugly Sweater Them for Office Christmas Party

On every Christmas, we do receive a parcel or a surprise gift from our grandparents or the elderly people comprising a sweater decked up with a Christmas tree, glitter work and a picture of santa. Such woollens go straight away at the bottom of our cupboard. But this time, let’s bring them out in order to win the attention in the office Christmas party based on ugly sweater theme. All the people would be required to wear the most flashy and gaudy Christmas sweater they have. Such theme would enhance the joy and cheer and would help everyone rejoicing their childhood memories.

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Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy and relish the holiday celebration. It is the time to develop a bond and association with your co-workers by being informal and chatting outside of the cubicle walls. All such ideas and themes offered for the office Christmas party would surely make your event more memorable.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas…!!!

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