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Chinese Gender Prediction Calculator

Chinese Gender Prediction Chart is one of the most ancient methods used in Chinese astrology to determine the gender of an unborn baby. It is believed that this chart was discovered by a Chinese scientist 700 years ago in a tomb. Though ruled out as unscientific, Chinese gender predictor accuracy is approximately 90% which consequently has made this method quite popular among to-be parents, especially in India where finding out the gender of an unborn baby is illegal.

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A Chinese gender predictor calculator makes use of mother’s lunar age at the time of conception and the lunar month of conception in order to predict the gender of the baby. If both the mother’s age or date or birth and the conception month are even or odd then it is likely that your unborn baby is a girl and if one is odd and the other even or vice versa, then you are giving birth to a boy.

There are also various Chinese Gender Prediction charts available online which are created on the same lines using the Lunar Age (18-45 years ) of the mother and Lunar month of Conception (1-12). These charts provide for the pictorial method to predict the gender of the unborn and do not require any calculation.

This chart comprises of approximately 336 combinations and as per this chart the chances of having a boy is higher in the age group of 18-27 and that of the girl is higher in the age group of 28-34. One’s Chinese Lunar Age is approximately 1-2 years old than their actual age as Chinese start counting the age of the baby from the day it is conceived unlike the Westerners who calculate the age of a baby from the time of its birth.

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Apart from Chinese Gender Predictor, there is  a Chinese birth chart that enables parents who are planning a baby to determine the best months to conceive based on whether they want a boy or a girl. A Chinese Gender Predictor, though not entirely accurate, is used by people not only in China and India but across the world for gender determination.

Besides the accuracy, it is considered to be a fun and thrilling experiment by the parents to know the gender of their baby without any ultrasound. So if the question is does a Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator actually works then the answer to this is there is no harm trying.

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Given its surprisingly accurate results, this prediction method is used by millions worldwide majorly for finding out the gender of their baby. There are various forms of Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator available on the web which can easily help you figure out the gender of your baby. These online predicting tools also convert the English dates to Lunar dates to make it user-friendly and provide with the most accurate results possible. So, are you having a baby boy or a girl baby? Try it free with online Chinese Gender Predictor Calculator.

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