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Can Horoscope predict the future?


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What is a Horoscope?

The word Horoscope is derived from 2 Greek words “Horo” and “Scope” and this means the view of the hours. It is an astrological chart where calculations are based on the position of the planets at the time, date and place of the birth of the person. The horoscope of any person is unique just like a fingerprint.

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Horoscope reveals a lot about our future based on the planetary movement, various houses, and other points. They let us know our potential, patterns, positive & negative aspects of our life.

Astrology today is on a very different level vis-a-vis ancient times. It has evolved as science over the years through different research and continuous development. Astrologers study Horoscope signs in detail and interpret the future forecast of a person.

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At mPanchang, we have the expert team of astrologers who have deep expertise in reading the horoscope and give you suggestions, remedies etc.

Daily Horoscope

Horoscopes for today are available at mPanchang. You get the daily general overview, things to do, things to be avoided etc.

Free daily Horoscope service for the users specific to their zodiac sign like Aries daily horoscope, Virgo daily horoscope etc.

Horoscope today is a very popular way to start the day. People all over the world go through the predictions specific to their zodiac sign and plan accordingly.

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As per Astrology principles, daily horoscopes are published which are also called as sun sign astrology like Leo daily horoscope, Taurus daily horoscope etc. In short, you will get the predictions about important aspects of your life like love and relationships, career, business, etc as per your zodiac sign.

Yearly Horoscope

Horoscope 2018 is available at mPanchang where you can get the yearly predictions, the general overview, month wise predictions, things to do, things which should be avoided etc.

Can Horoscopes predict the future?

Many readers across the world check the daily horoscope section in the newspaper first thing in the morning. They are always curious to know about the day ahead, how is it poised? What’s in it for them today?

Although, it is difficult to believe that these predictions as per the newspapers are correct. Since ancient times, it has been widely believed that movement of celestial bodies affects the important events in our life.

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Time and again, we consult astrologers before fixing up marriages, starting a business or when we are in the doldrums. We do believe in astrology because of the stories that we have been hearing over the years about even noted celebrities, politicians etc consulting astrologers. Also, we do believe that we are born with our destiny and there is some superficial power which is guiding our life events.

Having said that, a different school of thought based on modern science argues against the genuinity and authenticity of Astrological predictions. The first argument is that man is not influenced by the way these planets move, if he has a will then he can determine his own future.

Secondly, due to different astrology systems all over the world, the interpretations are not standardized. The predictions of the same horoscope are different as per the different astrological systems.

Thirdly, too much of generalization while predicting makes it less reliable.

Some of the religions also do not consider astrology.

But having said all of this, we do believe in destiny and if there are some positive predictions as per our horoscope then we tend to feel good about it and things do happen accordingly. On the flip side, if there are negative predictions then we tend to resort to some spirituality and become mentally prepared to deal with it.

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