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Problem Solving Vedic Astrology

Astrology is considered to be the ancient branch of the Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology is a small part of the Matsya Purana, one of the eighteen Puranas, which depict the movement and phases of the Stars and Planets. In this type of science, it is believed that the movement of the Stars and Planets seem to affect the lives of Human beings and the affairs between them.

  • In brief, the Astrology can be said as the study of the movement and impacts of the Celestial Bodies on us.
  • Also, Planets and their relative positions which influence the affairs of the Human Beings.
  • In our daily lives, everyone is having and suffering from different issues and problems.

But they aren’t able to determine the actual reason behind all those problems. As these are influenced due to the movement of the Stars and Planets, everybody will be ready to know about their Individual Horoscope.

Every Problem faced by People is totally based on their Individual Horoscopes and the movements of their Stars and Planets at the relevant moment. Sometimes, we face some problems and unpredictable results even in the works which were meant to give auspicious results to those who conducted it.

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When we try to determine the actual reason behind it, then we find these kinds of dangerous reasons like the inauspicious movements of the Stars or Planets of that certain individual based on their horoscope.

  • In today’s world, everyone is having issues and they need solutions in every possible way.
  • Problems like Career, Employment, Business related, Financial, Relationship Problems etc.
  • All these complexities in anyone’s life can be removed and solved with the help of the Astrologers.
  • They have studied the movements of the Stars and Planets and also Tantra Vidhya.

People used to predict about the future with just looking at the palms of people. It is represented as the Hasta Jyothish which is said to be an ancient analytical system which is able to predict the past, present and future of the people just by looking at their palms.

In Astrology, there are many solutions for each and every problem just with the help of many Asta Chakras, Vedic Knowledge, Birth Charts, Lal Kitab, Astrological Calculations etc. They just look into these, make some assumptions, calculations based on your Birthdates and Zodiac Signs and provide you with a solution.

Even people are consulting so many astrologers for solutions to their Social Relationships and also for Marital relations. People used to check out all of the Birth charts and Zodiac signs of the bride and the groom before they even get engaged. Auspicious timings in a day can also easily be predicted with the help of the Astrology.

Going very deep into this Astrology, the way of predicting someone’s life and its procedure goes on changing from place to place. In China, for example, people use Tarot Cards to predict the future of someone.

In India, so many astrological procedures are in use such as the Panchangam, Bhava Predictions, Numerology, Tarot cards, Horoscopes, Birth Charts etc. In Eastern Countries, people believe in the Psychic readings also.

  • People always check the Auspicious times before starting anywork or going for a job or while travelling somewhere.
  • These arepredictedand said by the Astrologers based on the movements of the Stars, Planets and Moon.

The Auspicious and Inauspicious times for each and every day are already predicted and will be made known to everyone. Along with People, TV Channels and most popular blogs nowadays are supporting the Panchangam and creating some videos based on the Problems and Solutions for people under the guidance of an astrologer.

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These days, the Astrology has also become Digital and entered the Technical world as people are creating a valuable websites about the Panchangam and Astrology. Regional language based Astrology websites like Telugu Panchangam which shares the content in Telugu Language just like similar blogs in each state.  With these, the Astrologers are displaying all of their daily, weekly, monthly and also yearly predictions on the websites itself.

Because, in astrology, the positioning of a specific planet at that specific moment can affect the whole future of a Human. These Astrological practices are all over the world in every nook and corner.

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