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Bhagavad Gita Quotes That Will Motivate You Today

A collection of 700 verses, presented as a monologue, delivered by the most sacred charioteer, Krishna to the Hindu warrior, Arjuna, presents some of the most inspiring lessons that can change how you lead your life. Lord krishna is known as the incarnation of one of the main hindu deities. 

The holy Bhagavad Gita emphasizes the value of performing one’s duty and having faith in God. The Gita discusses about the values, disciplines and beliefs that are essential for administering a meaningful life. Lord Krishna’s lectures speak about the constitutional elements of life: attachment, devotion, ethical actions, conflicts of motives, sense of duty, and consequences of our actions. 

Most Inspirational Quotes From Bhagavad Gita: What You Need To Learn In Life

During the most famous war of Kurukshetra, a confused Arjuna turned to his charioteer, Krishna for advice. Lord Krishna pointed out some of the most philosophical concepts that are relevant in everyday life. 

The lessons of Krishna help you in every field of life and keeps you motivated to move forward in life. On the occasion of Gita Jayanti, it is essential to promise yourself to read the holy Bhagavad Gita at least once in your lifetime. Dedicating your minds to the teachings of Bhagavad Gita, on the day of Mokshada Ekadashi, you can find the ultimate path to success and happiness. 

1. You are what you believe in. You become that which you believe you can become

Famous Bhagavad Gota Quotes

Ever wondered why everyone tells you to think positively? This came from the most important lesson that Lord Krishna taught Arjuna. A man is made by his beliefs. The Universe takes you in the direction of your thoughts. You are what you think of yourself. Your thoughts really have the power to define you. However, there’s a little twist to this. If you feel that you will nail a meeting, then chances are that you will actually nail it. Although, if you are simply not prepared and just being over confident with your positive thinking, you may actually make a blunder. 

2. Whatever happened, happened for the good. Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Whatever will happen, will also happen for the good

Bhagavad Gita quotes on love and success

What happened is already in the past, you can’t really change what happened and how it affected your life. You need to trust the process and believe that whatever it was, God planned it in a way that it was for good. Whatever is happening today will shape your future, and is also happening for your own good. You can’t control what is happening, but you can control how you feel about it. Whatever will happen in the upcoming time, will bring something good to you. The lesson here is that- worrying about your past and future keeps you from living in the present. 

3. Anger, Greed, Lust are the three doors to self destructive hell

Best Bhagavad Geeta quotes

Ever heard about the three demons of life? Kaam (lust), Krodh (anger) and Lobh (greed) never do anything good to anyone. These are regarded as the three doors to hell that destroys your entire being. Anger pushes people away from you, greed keeps you from ever being satisfied with your accomplishments, and Lust turns you into a pervert. 

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4. You came empty handed, and you will leave empty handed

Quotes from Bhagavad Gita on Success

Your entire life, you are running after gaining material assets, ignoring your family, your loved ones and your own happiness. In the chase after adding wealth to your accounts, you often forget that when you entered the world, you came empty handed, with not even a single layer of cloth on your body. When you leave for the heavenly abode, you will go empty handed. No matter how big of a mansion you lived in, no matter which car your drove, no matter how much you earned, your life will end and you cannot take anything with you to the next world. 

5. A person can rise through the efforts of his own mind; or draw himself down, in the same manner. Because each person is his own friend or enemy

Best motivational quotes Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta

Your body works with the signals of your mind. It’s the mind that rules the body and it is through our mind, that we can manipulate our body to do things that it is sometimes physically incapable of. The very same way, it is your mind that rules what kind of life you live. If you put your mind to something, there is nothing that you can achieve. You are your own friend and your own critic. Only you can inspire yourself to go towards your goals, and only you can put yourself down with negative thoughts. 

6. We are kept from our goals not by obstacles, but by a clear path to a lesser goal

Quotes from Bhagavad Gita on success

The lesson here is to strive hard for the things you want in life. Yes, smaller goals are important in life, but settling for smaller things will only prove to be a speed breaker in your success. Dream big and work for it. Don’t settle for simpler and easier, work hard to get what you actually want. 

Lessons learnt

Bhagavad Gita speaks of your duties as a human being. It is the ultimate guide for life, that suits every person, irrespective of their religion and upbringing. Teachings of Krishna, help us get through the difficult times, enjoy the good times and understand the law of change. Nothing is permanent, not you, not me, not this world. Follow the learnings from Bhagavad Gita to lead a happy life. 

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