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Who Is Your Best Friend And Soulmate As Per Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you surprised reading this title? How can zodiac signs reveal compatibility with friends and life partner?

Our zodiac signs are our guiding agents throughout our life. Each sign has particular traits attached to it. Based on it, we build up our personality, beliefs, and ideology. And this affects the entire life and also the people we connect with.

Based on these traits, Astrologers have derived a Zodiac sign compatibility chart. This chart reflects which signs will be perfect soulmates, which two signs can be best friends, and Which zodiac signs don’t go well together! 

In fact, there is a zodiac compatibility calculator which can calculate how much compatible two zodiac signs are! This is so interesting. Now you will know the personal traits and compatibility you share with a person just by knowing their birth date.

What is your Zodiac sign? Let’s find out best friend and soulmate compatibility for all the twelve Zodiac signs and know which zodiac sign will go well together.


Aries Zodiac Best friends

Aries are enthusiastic and self-motivated people. They are work-oriented at career and sensitive in love life. They are courageous and want to experiment with different things in life. Sometimes they are arrogant and impulsive. On top of it, they are the fiercely loyal friend that everyone needs.

Best friends: Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus

Soulmates: Scorpio, Leo


Taurus Zodiac Best friends and Soulmates

These people are reliable, practical, and loyal. They are very generous with friends and family. They are down to earth and soft-spoken. They are honest and loyal when in love which makes them perfect life partner one can ask for.

Best friends: Libra, Cancer, Aries

Soulmates: Capricorn, Scorpio


Gemini Zodiac Best friends and Soulmates

Gemini are smart, witty, and outgoing. They are gentle and versatile. They know how to work hard to achieve life goals. It’s tough to compete with them. They are surely fun to be around and are someone who can talk about anything under the sun.

Best friends: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio

Soulmates: Cancer, Libra


Cancer Zodiac Best friends and Soulmates

These people are incredibly imaginative and highly emotional. It is essential to know which sign is perfect for them in marriage compatibility as they are immensely sensitive in matters of the heart. They are very creative and moody people. Often, they end up being clingy and aggressive in arguments.

Best friends: Leo, Capricorn, Taurus

Soulmates: Gemini, Pisces


Leo Zodiac Best friends and Soulmates

Leos are energetic, honest, and hardworking people. They are full of life and adventurous. Often, they seem bossy, but these people are best to rely on. They act bossy for the larger good of family or friends. They are truthful, helpful and generous.

Best friends: Cancer, Libra, Gemini

Soulmates: Aries, Sagittarius


Virgo Zodiac Best friends and Soulmates

Virgos are analytical, modest, and meticulous. These people know how to maintain everything in a balanced way. They are good with finance and savings. Sometimes they may act over critical, but they are those people on whom you can blindly trust.

Best friends: Aquarius Libra, Pisces

Soulmates: Capricorn, Taurus


Libra Zodiac Best friends and Soulmates

These people are tactful, charming, and diplomatic. Though they are very indecisive and self-indulgent in critical life situations. They need a soulmate who can understand them during their “confusing state of mind” period.

Best friends: Virgo, Pisces, Taurus

Soulmates: Aquarius, Gemini


Scorpio Zodiac Best friends and Soulmates

These are wise and intelligent people. They are little secretive and passionate about their work and love life. It is tough to love Scorpio because they put their heart and soul in a relationship and hence demand full attention and the same intensity from the partner. Let’s see which signs are best with them in marriage compatibility

Best friends: Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius

Soulmates: Aries, Taurus


Sagittarius Zodiac Best friends and Soulmates

Sagittarius are adventurous and fun-loving. They like to explore new places, and often they take a moderate risk in life. They are party lovers! Being their friend or partner is guaranteed ticket to frequent movies, late-night parties, traveling and a lot more! They need a friend or partner who can manage the balance between work and fun.

Best friends: Aries, Libra, Scorpio

Soulmates: Aquarius, Leo


Zodiac Best friends and Soulmates

Capricorns are wise, practical, and action-oriented. They are well-disciplined and shy. They are traditionalists and like to have few but really close friends. These people are extremely loyal in the matters of the heart.

Best friend: Aquarius, Leo, Cancer

Soulmates: Sagittarius, Taurus


Aquarius Zodiac Best friends and Soulmates

These are friendly, warm-hearted, and intelligent people. They are accommodating and enjoy supporting friends. They are social butterflies, and people love them because of their excellent interpersonal skills.

Best friend: Virgo, Pisces, Gemini

Soulmates: Libra, Sagittarius


Pisces Zodiac Best friends and Soulmates

They are imaginative, kind, and intuitive. They value relations most, and that’s why their friends and partner are always their priority. They are over-sensitive and sometimes lazy too! They want friends who can give them balanced life approach.

Best friend: Libra, Virgo, Taurus

Soulmates: Aquarius, Cancer

Find Out What The Stars Say About Your Relationship

Now, when we have an idea which signs are compatible and which are not, it’s easy to find the right kind of friends or a life partner.

There are various other factors that influence horoscope compatibility for marriage apart from Zodiac Signs.

One such tried and tested method to find marriage compatibility is online Janam Kundali. Through this method, you can match the Online Janam Kundali of you and your partner and find out the areas where you are the most compatible and the other aspects where you need to work.

What are your thoughts about this compatibility method? Comment what you think!

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