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Benefits of Amavasya Vrat Puja – Amavasya Fasting Procedure

Amavasya Fasting Procedure

Amavasya fast is a significant fast in Hindu religion. It is a powerful fast done on no moon day which can immensely benefit the devotees. Most of the devotees observe fast throughout the day and pray to almighty Lord Vishnu for his blessings. In Hindu religion according to vedic astrology, no important programs should be celebrated on the amavasya night.

Keeping Amavasya fast may resolve a lot of difficulties in life, and enhances and brings inspiration & positivity into your life. Observing this fast will please Lord Shankar and Lord Vishnu.

On Amavasya day, devotees observe fast and offer prayers to their ancestors. Food offerings to the ancestors are also done on this day.

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There are several benefits of observing Amavasya fast. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. It is believed that an Amavasya fast enables one to stay away from all kinds of negative powers, dangerous powers and evil eyes. It is a way to reduce the effect of all evil powers.
  2. On Amavasya, fasting is done to please the spirits of ancestors. On this day, try to offer some food and water to your ancestors. It is the perfect time to offer
  3. prayers to the departed ancestors and ensure that they are in peace. On Amavasya, the ancestors come to earth and it becomes important to remember them on this night in the form of prayers and by offering them water and food.
  4. It is believed that if a person practices fast on Amavasya then all their wants and wishes will be fulfilled.
  5. Amavasya Vrat reduces the negative impact of Kaal sarp Dosha, if this fast is observed with full devotion.
  6. According to several scientific theories, on Amavasya, the gravitational forces of the earth are at their maximum. This, in turn, can give a lot of stability to one’s metabolism.
  7. It also improves the energy of a person.
  8. It brings your physical health in tune with your mental health.
  9. This fast reduces acidity and rejuvenates your body completely.       
  10. It decreases all sorts of health issues.  
  11. It helps to achieve a genuine feeling of peacefulness.
  12. Decreases all mental and physical issues.
  13. You will never experience the lack of wealth and wellbeing.

Fasting Procedure of Amavasya:

  • On this day devotees should wake up early in the morning and take a bath before sunrise.
  • Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu are worshiped on this day and devotees read Amavasya Vrat Katha.
  • Many devotees keep fast on this day. The best way to do this fast is to keep it for the entire duration of the day without eating anything.

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