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After Effects of Dreams as Per Vedic Astrology


Good – Bad Dreams & Results According to Vedic Astrology

Dreams, as we all know, are the mental gateway of us humans. Dreams have been significantly mentioned in our documented history since time immemorial. It is seen that, not just in normal day situations, but dreams have incorporated a fairly decent place in the field of Astrology as well.

There are several instances where dreams are considered both good and bad, objectively. Several cultures may have different opinions on how they look at a particular dream. Some might associate it with a bad omen, other do the same with a good omen.

In this article, we will be discussing about what happens and what should be done after getting a glimpse of certain dreams in your sleep according to the Vedic Astrology.

The particular effects of dreams in one’s life is mentioned in detail in the Matsya Purana. Matsya Purana is one of the eighteen Puranas present in the Puranic genre of Sanskrit Literature in Hinduism. It is named after the first of the ten incarnations of the Hindu deity Lord Vishnu.

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The daily used Vedic Astrology Amanac, also known as Panchangam, is derived from the Matsya Purana itself. The Panchangam, also known as Panji or Panjika in a few other languages, discusses the proceedings and systematic ritual occurrences in a normal Saka calendar. As per Telugu panchangam website you can now check out the today panchangam, Auspicious time & Inauspicious time.

The Matsya Purana is not exactly a sort of chronological depiction of something. It has a bit everything, so to speak. It is technically a guide for building art work such as paintings and sculpture, features and design guidelines for temples, objects and house architecture (Vastu-shastra), various types of Yoga, duties and Ethics (Dharma) with multiple chapters on the value of Charity (Daana).

It also mentions both Shiva and Vishnu related festivals, geography, particularly around the Narmada river, pilgrimage, duties of a king and good government and other things.

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Remedies of Bad Dreams

According to the documentation, it is mentioned in the above-mentioned Matsya Purana that bad dreams have a significant amount of impact on one’s mental aspect, especially their thinking point of view.

It is advised that if you encounter a horrible nightmare or anything of that regard, you should definitely let that moment pass by and then share it with someone you know of closely. Although this might seem stupid but this might work.

Sharing something bad that has happened to us actually relieves us in general. Our brain works mysteriously. If we share the bad news, it sorts of eases us out and lets us carry on with our stuff for the time being pretty neatly.

Apart from that, you can carry on with a little bit of meditation which helps cool you down and focus more on the stuff that you are about to have a go at in the next hour or two. A disturbed mind is never the best thing to accompany while going for an assignment or something.

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Have a nice little bath, relaxing each and every part of your body. This works on the physical aspect of you, just in case, if you had any spasms or something while getting frantic during the nightmare.

After that, take the name of your favorite deity and recite it to feel the peace of mind. If you don’t believe in one particular deity or something, just try and focus on one specific point and let your brain take a deep detour of the soothing world beyond the usual daily life troubles.

These two should definitely get you charged up for the rest of the day and you will be able to get your things done effectively.

Broadly, the dreams have been divided into 3 categories.

  • Strange dreams.
  • Premonition dreams.
  • Dreams those reflect real life.

Strange dreams:

As is ostensible from the name, these dreams are rather weird in nature and produce strange feelings in the person. The successions that are displayed in such kind of dreams have no real nexus with reality such as a person with four heads, sixteen hands or with huge mountain-like body.

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One might even see elephants flying in their dream. Such things have no connection with reality but still people experience them. Sequences can be even stranger than one might expect. The dorsolateral prefrontal cortex of your brain is dormant which is why there’s no particular logic there while dreaming.

Premonition dreams:

This category of dream can have two types – dreams that auspicate well, and dreams that foreshadow ill. These are the most important kinds of dreams, which have a durable effect on our daily life.

Sequences seen in these dreams like visiting temples and places of pilgrimage and many such things, which are pleasant to us.

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Contrary to such sequences, one might see a woman clad in red or black sari taking someone towards the south. This type of sequences always augurs ill. Similarly, sighting of shooting stars and breaking shoes also indicate some mishap.

Dreams that show real thing:

This type of dream also does not have much importance and materializes very rarely. These dreams however fulfill our incomplete desires.

Such as, for example, one guy must be wishing of owning a particular piece of electronic equipment way beyond his financial capabilities.

  • Similarly, with a woman going around the world all alone without really getting into much of troubles.

Effect of such dreams lasts as long as we are dreaming. Once the sleep is disturbed, these dreams and their effects also vanish altogether. Then we have to actually work on making these real and not sit down and loathe at our own mediocrity.

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