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Aamir Khan Birth Chart Horoscope by Date of Birth


Aamir Khan’s Horoscope

Aamir Khan is one of the best Bollywood actors who is admired world over for his acting abilities and perfection in his field.


In his career, that spans over 30 years, Aamir Khan has given some incredible movies to his fans. He has also worked as a director and television talk show host through which he has spoken on social problems which had a deep impact on the entire nation.

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Every celebrity’s shot to success and fame is partially due to their hard work and partially due to their stars. Success and money is written in their charts, the results of which are visible. However, their stars change every year which can bring some ups and downs in their professional as well as personal life. Let us find out what Aamir Khan’s Horoscope says.


  • Good Signs

Rahu and Ketu are sitting in his 4th house which indicates workplace. These planets are showing the signs of tremendous success. These two planets give him the blessings of some beneficial energies, as well.

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Mars is placed in the house of partnership. It will strengthen his associations with the people around him and his contemporaries. He might partner with someone to create something innovative and out of the box.   

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Venus is again placed in his Lagna which blesses him with name, fame, luxury, beauty and money. He is a success in the field of showbiz and glamour.  The position of Saturn in his Lagna makes him hard working, passionate and disciplined. This year is all about authorities and making an impact for him. He might even invest in some new properties. His earnest efforts will definitely give him the rewards owing to the presence of a favorable Saturn in his chart.

  • Bad Signs

If we talk about the problematic part of his horoscope, then Mercury and Sun are generating malefic impacts in his kundli. He might get into trouble due to saying something, intentional or unintentional. He will have to watch his words and think before he speaks if he wants everything in his life to run smoothly. It is also possible that due to Sun, the struggle in his personal life might increase, but the chances are not very strong.

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This particular time will be a mixed bag of good, bad, hindrances and developments. Till October 2018, some new challenges might surface in his life. The people around Aamir Khan will leave a negativity in their approach which will make him anxious.

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Overall his Kundli is very good and strong and speaks of the grand success he has achieved in his life. Just a little control on his words and he will never get into any major trouble.

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