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A 3-step Guide For Building Your Spirit

Self-affirmations and Self-Love are the salt and pepper to your salad. They form your inner strength and well, you don’t need a spotlight when you shine from within. You just need to learn how to build inner strength and confidence. 

Having attended many self-help programs and spiritual awakening sessions and workshops, one thing that I concluded is that- they all ask you to believe in yourself. 

Is it really possible for a person who is dealing with confidence issues and seemingly going through an inner crisis? Not really!

Everyone fights a different battle in their life and deals with their own struggles daily, and trust me- your struggles don’t really have the power to define how your life will turn out to be. It’s your Spirit- Your Soul- Your Brio that defines you and your inner health. 

It took me years of experimentation to identify the main ingredients to prepare a perfectly tasting salad that is your life. 

This 3-step guide will help you in building your Spirit, Soul and Body to make you a stronger individual from inside out. 

Yes- Inside out, meaning inner health as well as physical health. 

Well being is not just about the way you look and the way your skin glows or how lustrous your hair are or how curvaceous your body is. Well being is about having a healthy spirit. 

The secret of genius

The Habit Mantra

When you focus on building better habits, you reflect into your day and identify the root cause of your problems that seem to be holding you back. 


Say when you wake up at 7 and your office begins at 9, you end up eating breakfast while driving recklessly to work, and still punch in late which makes your boss angry and ultimately you are tortured for the entire day. 

And your day ends with sulking and cribbing that your job doesn’t make you feel happy. 

Now you get what I am trying to say?

First try to analyse and reflect on the root cause of your problem. The problem that is your job. But the root cause is you getting up late. 

It is a known fact that it takes 21 days to build a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle, also called as 21/90 rule. You just need to abide by this. 

Morning rituals are the most important part of your day that have the power to keep you energised all through the day. 

Figure out what works for you and try to follow it for 21 days. 

Morning is the time to speak to your inner self, unperturbed. 

Different souls have different ways of energising themselves- while yoga or meditation may work for some, there will be someone who will find a 20 minutes session of dance or aerobics to be enriching. 

Form a ritual that helps you in channelising your energy in the right direction.

P.s. Don’t just blindly follow what someone else is doing. Do what connects with your soul.

Replace and Rebuild

Repair. Replace. Recalculate. Rejoice.

When you are working on finding inner strength and happiness, it is important to understand the need to replace what doesn’t seem to be working for you and rebuild your life.

It is definitely not possible to rebuild yourself entirely in one go. It just isn’t. Even if you try to, you will be so exhausted by the end of the day or the week to the max that you will relapse.

So my advice?

Replace what doesn’t fit in your life and Rebuild a better habit or trait that will make you feel good about yourself. 

Ever heard of survival of the fittest? Just merge it with the law of replacement and see how you can uncover a new unknown side of your being. 

Identify what is it that you do that makes you weak or distracts you from your goal, remove it from your life, but only to replace it with a better habit. Do not, I REPEAT- DO NOT leave a blank spot. 

When you replace an old habit with something new, you are actually moving a step ahead in rebuilding your inner spirit. 

For instance, when you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, first analyse what is it that is stopping you from doing that. Say it’s your habit of munching on chips or snacks when you work.

The weakness here is snacking on chips and wafers- Remove it 

But replace it with fox nuts or dried fruits and voila- you just removed the most negative thing from your path to being fit, and replaced it with something nutritious.

Remember that you are accountable for all your actions and nobody else. Learn to keep it that way only. 

Abort and Kill

Well, it turns out that laws of science have a lot to contribute in our lives other than just in the mechanics and automobile. 

Law of attraction- What goes around comes back around. 

Whatever you put out to the world, always finds a way of reaching back. Ultimately testing or building your inner strength. 

Abort the negative thoughts

Remember this when you start thinking negative about yourself or your goals and you start discussing it with your friends and family or even with your own self- Abort the thoughts and Kill the conversation.

If you are trying to make healthy and clean eating choices and you are tempted by the most amazing ribs at your favourite take out and you start thinking “I can never turn vegetarian”- SAY OUT LOUD- ‘Abort and Kill’. 

Abort the negative thoughts that are telling you that you can’t do it and Kill the conversation in your mind.  And remember the first step that I have mentioned- Habit Mantra. 

Summing it up!

You are working towards building a happy and healthy lifestyle for yourself. You are working on building your inner strength and inner happiness

Keep it that way and stick to the 21/90 rule. 

Try being grateful for what you have- a new day that starts tomorrow!

Keep moving- and remember the golden rule to making new habits- One day at a time!

P.s. All of your life comes to you with Ease, Joy and Glory

About author

A free-spirited soul who believes in keeping her circle clean and she likes writing about different facets of life. Adventurous by nature, She loves traveling alone and interacting with new people. She believes in serving the society in all ways possible. Whenever free, She tries to meditate and work on her inner soul by doing things she is most passionate about. An early riser, She spends most of her mornings practicing yoga and meditation.
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