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9 Types Of Teachers You Are Sure To Find In Every School

No matter the school, no matter the class- we all have met these different kinds of teachers who have someway or the other affected our lives. 

Some we loved to mimic, some we loved to irritate, some we had our first crush on and some terrorized us, even in our thoughts- almost half of a student’s life goes away in thinking about their teachers. 

No matter how much we talk behind their backs and how much we hate them, come teacher’s day and we all write heartfelt notes and cards for our favourite ones, just to make them feel how important they are in our lives. 

I am urged to mention that Teachers day is really close to my heart and this article is an ode to my teachers whose limitless efforts made me who I am today. 

This Teachers day, I want to showcase 9 types of Teachers that you can always find in every school. 

1. The ‘Full of Life’ teacher

Remember the ones you saw everywhere, who were always oh-so excited to teach!

I wonder where they got all the energy to keep them going all the time!

Always well dressed, well groomed, well behaved, full of energy and loved by all students, they make every other teacher look ‘ordinary’.

These superhumans are a rare breed of teachers but every school has at least one of these. 

2. The First Crush

Every student fancies her. While she may be the first crush for every boy in the school. Girls love to follow her style and fashion statements.

These are the sweetest teachers in the whole school. Every girl looks up to them for fashion trends and well, every guy comes to school just to attend her class.

Think Sushmita Sen as the hot teacher from the famous Bollywood movie Main hoon na, who could make anyone fall in love with chemistry. 

3. Stickler For Accuracy

Here comes the grammar grouches, the sticklers, the phonology tyrants- The grammar Nazis. 

Always correcting everyone’s grammar, and no matter what you said, your sentences ended up getting corrected. 

These are the ones who taught us the value of less emphasized words like- please, sorry and thank you. The ones that made sure, every permission statement started with ‘May’ and ended with ‘please’. 

4. The Idiosyncratic

The teacher with a funny accent. Every school has at least one such South-Indian or Punjabi teacher who uses a different and the most hilarious accent.

And no matter how much we laughed at this crazy teacher’s amusing ways of pronouncing A’s and M’s, we loved attending their classes. 

Yam I right everyone?

5. The Revered

There is always a teacher in every school who has been in school for ages. Every student at the Alumni meet seems to talk about how they helped them in becoming a better human. Well, learning from their experiences and teachings was always kinda fun.

You always take your parents to meet them at the parent teacher meeting day, because they never have anything bad to say about anyone.

6. The Disciplinary

A teacher who always found a new way of punishing the students for every missed homework or checking date.

Ever stood at the back of your class with your bags on your shoulder for not bringing the book?

I am sure now you have the name of the teacher in your head who would make you take 10 rounds of the ground for not completing your homework or would make you write your homework 5 times in your notebook.

7. The Whimsical

The Comedy king of the school, the one who always had the joker mode on. His classes were the most fun to attend. He was the one who organized all the plays and drama in the school functions. You will always find this funny teacher in every school.

Their lectures consisted of more stories than serious discussions, even the serious topics from the syllabus were made fun to learn. 

8. The Annoyed

Is this a class or a fish market? Why are you all behaving like junglees? I am just tired of you all. 

Any teacher clicking in your mind? The angry teacher

Yes, we all have had that one teacher who was always frustrated and annoyed. Literally all the time. Even the greetings were also reciprocated in the most angered way. No one really liked talking to them much, but their passion for teaching reflected in their class. 

9. The Trendsetter

They are always late for class, but God, they turn heads when they move in the corridor. Their looks and makeup is always on point. No matter what they are going through, they always seem to have their shit together. 

I remember when we were at school, our teachers used to mark stars in front of the students name on the display board of the class, just to mark who performed well. As exciting and joyful as it was at that time, it is now that I realize- The real star of the class are actually the teachers themselves.

Which teachers are you reminded of after reading this article?

Let’s start a fun way of wishing your teacher-

Mention the name of your teacher along with their personality type in the comments section and share the most fun experiences with them. 

Wishing a very Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers around the World who spend almost half of their lives expanding our knowledge, helping us develop as successful beings.

About author

A free-spirited soul who believes in keeping her circle clean and she likes writing about different facets of life. Adventurous by nature, She loves traveling alone and interacting with new people. She believes in serving the society in all ways possible. Whenever free, She tries to meditate and work on her inner soul by doing things she is most passionate about. An early riser, She spends most of her mornings practicing yoga and meditation.
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