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7 Vastu Do’s And Don’ts For Success In Business

Often heard people talking about what to place at your workplace to attract success and prosperity? Vastu Shastra for business describes how small vastu changes can help you in taking your business on the path of abundance. 

If you are constantly facing setbacks in your career despite of the hard work that you are putting in, someone must have suggested you to make some changes in your office or maybe place something on your workstation to welcome positive energies. 

Although, there might be numerous reasons for being able to take your business to the height of profit making, Vastu does play a major role. 

The energies surrounding you tend to affect you in multiple ways- health, career, finance or love. Vastu Shastra helps in balancing the energies around you, letting the negativity pass and keeping the positivity aligned to your success. 

Living in a vastu compliant environment can turn things around for you, in ways you would never be able to imagine. 

I know the options are limited when it comes to offices, but the least we can do is follow certain simple rules of Vastu. It, in turn, can help in alleviating the negative energies from your workplace. 

Vastu tips for business will help you in achieving the success that you have been working towards for so long. 

Implying Vastu for business and wealth provides that extra push to your hard work and align it on the right path, because ultimately it is just your skills and efforts that can help you achieve your goals. Vastu is only an add-on force, but the most needed one. 

Vastu Remedies For Business Growth- Vastu Do’s For Success In Business

Vastu Remedies For Business Growth

1. Make Sure That There Is A Wall Behind Your Seat, With A Poster Of Mountains On It

The wall behind you symbolizes support and hence it’s most favourable vastu tip for business. The mountains in real life represent strength. So, a poster of high mountains used for decorating the wall behind your seat, strengthens your support. 

This support can be financial, intellectual, emotional, legal or other material support. 

Even if you don’t have a vastu compliant office area, this simple and doable vastu tip for business growth will help you in attracting positive energies in your life. 

2. Make Sure That You Have Open Space In Front Of Your Desk

Save some open space in front of your office desk, and your mind will never run out of new and innovative ideas to earn profits on a project. This is one of the simplest and easy to implement Vastu tips for increasing sales as it lets your mind open up to new ideas and tricks to increase the benefits in your business. 

3. Place Fresh Flowers On Your Work Desk

Placing fresh flowers on your work table will help in attracting positivity and freshness at work. Make sure that flowers are accompanied by flower buds, which indicates new beginnings. Be conscious about the condition of the flowers, as dry flowers will do just the opposite. Just like the beauty of the flowers attract bees, using this vastu tip to attract customers will give you noteworthy results. 

4. Place Crystal On Your Table

If you are struggling to keep your monetary resources afloat and the environment of the workplace is stressed, then it is important that you place a crystal on your table. This simple Vastu tip for business will help you in increasing the inflow of monetary gains and keeping the workplace environment happy and easygoing. 

5. Place A Money Plant In Your Office

Money plants have been known to be favourable for improving financial situations, and keeping a money plant in the south east corner of your office will help in business and monetary growth

6. Make Sure That You Sit Facing North Direction

If you are a business owner or CEO of your company, then it’s extremely important that when you sit, you are facing in the North direction. This will help you in bringing in the positive energies and will keep your leadership intact. 

7. Fix Leaking Taps As Soon As Possible

Think of it as, water is a scarce resource, and you can’t let it just flow out of order and go to waste. Here, wastage of water through leaky taps indicates loss of resources, mainly money. This is the most practical vastu tip for business wealth growth. 

Vastu Remedies For Business Growth- Vastu Don’ts For Success In Business

Vastu Don'ts For Success In Business

1. Don’t Sit With Your Back Towards Entrance Door

Sitting with your back towards the entrance door will block all the incoming positivity and will ultimately affect the growth of your business. 

2. Don’t Sit Under A Beam

It’s a very well known Vastu fact that sitting under the beam will press down the good luck and ultimately will turn even the easiest of tasks seem impossible to achieve. 

3. Don’t Use Circular, Oval Or Irregularly Shaped Furniture

Using circular or irregularly shaped furniture at office is the worst thing you can do according to Vastu that will suppress your luck in business. 

4. Don’t Use Metal Or Plastic Furniture

Vastu lays importance on maintaining calm and composure at workplace. Using metal and plastic furniture creates a very disturbing noise when moved even a little bit, which disturbs the concentration. 

5. Don’t Use Sceneries Or Picture Of Water Bodies In Office

Just like mountains resembles strength, water resembles lack of support. So, Vastu advises against the use of water bodies to decorate the walls of the office. 

6. Don’t Keep Your Workplace Cluttered

Cluttered workplace equals clumsiness and confusion, according to Vastu. So, try to keep your workplace and your work station, as clean and organised as possible. 

7. Don’t Use Dull Or Dim Lighting In Office

Dull lighting in the office proves to be discouraging for the employees and suppresses the energy of the workers to perform their best. 

As I have mentioned already, your success depends on your skills and hard work. Vastu only helps in organizing and aligning the energies in the most effective way to enhance our performance and ability to perform.

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