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7 Books You Should Read Before Starting A New Venture

Planning to leave your regular paying job to start up your own little venture needs a huge amount of ground work. Just having an idea and the resources to kickstart your business idea does not guarantee success. While you be aware of all the know-how of your own field, you might lack knowledge and understanding of many such aspects that might be unknown to you. 

Yes you have attended a lot of workshops and training sessions about how startups and new businesses work and rise, you might still be naive in many important facets. 

I am not saying that you need to start school again and earn a degree in business management because as a matter of fact, not all thriving CEOs have actually passed college.

Before starting a business, all we need is some kind of professional help and support to guide us through all the hurdles that we may never have imagined. Books can turn out to be the most affordable and relaxing way to gain all the professional advice that will help you achieve what you desire in your business, because the authors highlight mistakes that many startups have made in the past, which makes it easier for you to understand what to avoid. 

Best business books of all time can offer unprecedented advice on how to turn your business ideas into profit making ventures and it really doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, making efforts to spring your business or you are an artist trying to sell your work online. 

My list of 7 best books for entrepreneurs that you need to read before starting a new business venture, is outrightly the best advice anyone could offer you-

1. Escape From Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim

Escape From Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim

If you are sitting in your office, silently planning and working on your business idea but on the same hand, being skeptical if it would actually be a good idea or not, then this business book is meant just for you. 

This book will also help you if you have recently walked out of your corporate job to startup your business. 

Pamela Slim guides the readers about everything that needs to be done before starting a business.  All steps of business are covered in this detailed explanation by Slim who explains almost everything from getting new clients to getting an insurance for your company. 

This amazing read will fill you up with confidence and will compel you to escape your corporate cubicle and explore the whole wild untamed world of business. 

2. Art of The Start by Guy Kawasaki

Art of The Start by Guy Kawasaki

This easy to follow guide by a successful Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, Guy Kawasaki breaks down far-reaching lessons for the new business owners.  

He focuses on the value of concentrating on the key details, right from the beginning so you don’t get tripped over later. 

The book describes some of Kawasaki’s hard-earned advice about a huge variety of topics ranging from social media and marketing to crowdfunding and cloud computing. 

Alongside all the practical advice, Kawasaki helps readers in manifesting his advice that 

“Great companies start because the founders want to change the world… not make a fast buck”

3. Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits by Greg Crabtree

Big Profits by Greg Crabtree

Crabtree helps entrepreneurs with financial nuances of small businesses by using real-world examples, making it a must read book for entrepreneurs

The book covers questions regarding taxes, business growth, and human resources along with several other topics and highlights the key financial indicators of the business. 

Crabtree’s book is a gift for business owners who get stressed with their accounts. 

4. The One Page Business Plan For The Creative Entrepreneur by Jim Horan

The One Page Business Plan For The Creative Entrepreneur by Jim Horan

If you are just starting with your business journey, there are possibilities that you may feel burdened under the complex business plan. Jim Horan’s book is entitled to give you a hand in sketching out your own business ideas. 

Simple exercises in this ‘start your own business book’ helps readers in clarifying their doubts while building a precise business document. 

5. Entrepreneurial You: Monetize Your Expertise, Create Multiple Income Streams and Thrive by Dorie Clark

Create Multiple Income Streams and Thrive by Dorie Clark

Dreaming of being an entrepreneur is far away from actually being able to build a name for yourself. Developing multiple revenue sources and attracting new clients is much different from building a perfect business plan.

The insightful guidance of Marketing and strategy expert Dorie Clark, helps you move on the right path to realize your dreams and turn them into reality. The book contains stories of successful entrepreneurs from different walks of life. 

6. The Founder’s Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup by Noam Wasserman

The Founder’s Dilemmas

There is a lot to learn from the experiences of the founders who have tried new things before you. 

This book by Noam Wasserman, who is a professor at the University of South California tries to take a far-reaching look at how failure and success comes to founders. 

By explaining real experiences and examples, Wasserman tries to illustrate different reasons why some approaches towards entrepreneurship are better than the rest. 

7. Flying Without A Net by Thomas J. Delong

Flying Without A Net by Thomas J. Delong

Starting a new business venture isn’t just about business plans and client taming but a big part of it involves dealing with the anxiety and stress of starting fresh, and Flying Without a Net explores different personality traits and anxiety patterns of the naive entrepreneurs. 

This book focuses to tame the reasons that actually sabotage the success that beginners seek from their venture. Delong focuses on teaching readers how to draw strength from their vulnerabilities in the process of learning to do the right things. 

Reading these seven books will help you gain all the professional advice and help you need to sort out your entrepreneurial venture. 
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