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5 Most Unique Ways to Celebrate Janmashtami 2020

It was only the wisdom of Lord Krishna that helped the Pandavas to win the yudh of Mahabharata. 

His life is marked by struggles and sufferings, but the world only remembers him for his childish and playful acts as a young boy teasing little girls and playing with his friends. Lord Krishna is also known for his eternal love with Radha and their raasleela. 

Shri Krishna Janmashtami is a Hindu festival that marks the birth of the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu as Lord Krishna. This day is celebrated on the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapada. Also famously known as Gokulashtami, Janmashtami 2020 will be celebrated on 11 August 2020. 

Why Do We Celebrate Janamashtmi?

Birthday of Lord Krishna is the biggest celebration for Krishna devotees and Shri Krishna Janmashtami is a festival that marks the blessed event of incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Lord Krishna in a dark prison cell of Mathura. 

Shri Krishna Janmashtami symbolizes the advent of hope even during the hopeless dark times, of generosity in the fortress of degeneracy, with the birth of the ultimate Truth that is Krishna. 

Lord Krishna displays glimpses of joyful moments and playful acts of love in the spiritual world. He epitomizes selfless love and serving for the happiness of others. 

To mark the birth of joy in shadows of sufferings, we celebrate this festival of never ending hope in fun ways of Lord Krishna himself. 

Every single ritual and festivity marks the life of Lord Krishna. 

Preparations for Janmashtami 2020, that is just a few days away, have already begun in different parts of the country, especially in Mathura and Vrindavan. 

Here are some amazing ideas for you to celebrate Shri Krishna Janmashtami with full fervor.

Prepare Scrumptious Sweets to mark Lord Krishna’s love for sweets

Sweets of Love

Lord Krishna is known for his sweet tooth and all the stories about him display his love for sweet foods. Young Krishna would go looking for milk and milk products in every house in Gokul. It is believed that offering sweets made from milk to Lord Krishna is the best way to please him and can turn out to be the best way for janmashtami celebrations at home.

Some of his favourite ones are really easy to prepare at home. 

This Janmashtami 2020, bring out the chef in you and make everyone happy with these simple sweets prepared from milk and kick off the Janmashtami celebrations at home.

You can make peda, rabri, kheer, kalakand, mishti doi, basundi and gopalkala. Another favourite foods of lord Krishna include dhaniya panjiri, and many households in North India prepare dhaniya panjiri to offer as a bhog to Lord Krishna. 

Plan a theme party in your society to celebrate the different people in Lord Krishna’s Life

Janmashtami theme party

This can be the most fun way to celebrate Janmashtami 2020 if you live in a society or a close knit neighbourhood, where you can have full support and cooperation from other people. 

You can plan a Janmashtami theme party where people dress up as the different characters from the life of Lord Krishna. You can add up dance and skit performances as competition. Dress up show can be organized for the little kids in addition to storytelling, which will make it a learning source for the little kids. 

Follow this with pot luck and favourite sweets of Lord Krishna and end the celebrations at midnight with Krishna aarti

What better way for Janmashtami Celebration at home

Dahi Handi to advertise Lord Krishna’s fondness of curd and butter

Dahi Handi for the sportsman in you

All the stories about Lord Krishna from Gokul describe his liking for butter and curd. Sneaking into houses, furtively getting hold of butter pots and eating away all the stored butter and curd, is displayed beautifully in all the shows and stories about Krishna.

During his childhood, his friends used to treat him as a master and used to follow him from house to house in search of butter and curd. Krishna’s favourite sport was to make a human pyramid and reach out to the curd pots hanging at a height and break them to share the curd and butter with his friends. 

This game of Dahi Handi originated from this little act of stealing butter and curd from the high hanging pots. 

In Maharashtra, Dahi Handi celebration is organized at a huge level as a competition, in different parts of the state. Different teams compete to break the pot and the one that breaks the pot in the least amount of time, wins. 

But Dahi Handi is not just famous in Maharashtra but all over the country, so organising a small Dahi Handi festival can be one of the greatest Janmashtami celebration ideas

Visit Krishna temples to enjoy the cheerful and comical depictions of Krishna’s life

Get mesmerized by the beautifully bedecked temples

Temples are decorated and amazing portrayals of Lord Krishna’s life are organized at all the temples for Janmashtami celebrations. 

Janmashtami celebration in Mathura is organized with full zeal and enthusiasm. You will be mesmerised by the way the bedecked temples at Mathura and Vrindavan commemorate the occasion of birth of Shri Krishna, famously known as Nandlal. 

You don’t have to stick to enjoying Janmashtami celebration at home, step out and take a trip to the nearest Krishna temple to enjoy the cheerful and lively festivities. 

Midnight celebrations of Birth of Lord Krishna 

Enjoy the midnight birthday celebrations

It is believed that Lord Krishna was born at midnight, in a jail where his mother and father were incarcerated by his uncle, around 5000 years ago. Janmashtami celebrations reach its highest peak during the midnight. Tinkling bells and blowing shankh, the whole temple echoes ‘Jai Shri Krishna’ as the priest performs arti. 

Janmashtami celebrations include the ceremony of bathing lord Krishna idol with Panchamrit that is prepared by blending gangajal, honey, sugar, ghee and curd, which is later distributed as prasad. 

Lord Krishna is then offered food for bhog that is famously known as ‘chappan bhog’, which is an offering of 56 dishes prepared specifically for Lord Krishna. 

Janmashtami celebrations at Iskcon temple are a sight to behold. 

Lord Krishna arrived in this World to engage us in his childish plays and to be captivated by his love and sweetness, more than his grandeur and competence. This simple cowherd boy of Vrindavan made us learn the real meaning of selfless love. 

A beautiful quote from Gita says, “Do everything you have to do, but not with greed, not with ego, not with lust, not with envy but with Love, compassion, humility, and devotion

This is the best learning one can take from the festival of Janmashtami.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2020!!

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