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5 Crazy Diets That You Should Not Follow

Keto was a thing in the year 2019! Isn’t it? You definitely wanted to search about it up and down, left and right because it was having a real moment. From celebrities to your oh- so -fit friend, everyone was talking about this magical diet idea that integrates the weight loss foods.

And we cannot deny the fact that it has helped a lot of people shed those extra pounds in a limited time! 

‘WEIGHT LOSS’ the term gets instant attraction from around 90% of the people in a room, especially when it is about losing weight fast and without exercise

But hey, did you think about what would happen to your body internally when you put it in a harness to follow a certain routine that is off the track? I am sure you didn’t. Well, it’s not your fault. Nobody actually does it. 

It is probably because we forget the balanced diet definition as soon as we pass the class. We overlook to eat properly in our hectic schedules. And this then affects our body adversely. 

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However, there are other things as well that are responsible for deteriorating internal health and increasing fat below the skin. Oh, and the culprit ‘junk food’ is to be brought into the limelight for changing our lives straight by 180 degrees. 

The reasons for weight gain are many. And the temptation of trying new things is difficult to resist. This is why we fall prey to the trends. May it be the new snapchat filters or the new diet plans. We always want to participate actively in such things.

So here, we shall talk about the new diet plans that are in trend. 

The reality check says that we humans these days are following crazy stuff. We are willing to do anything. 

One such thing is the eating patterns we follow. We willingly torture our bodies to the extent that we do not think for a minute about a healthy diet. We go with the flow. But friends, the flow here is not the correct one.

This is why below are some of the crazy diet ideas that you should definitely ditch!

Crazy Diets That You Should Not Follow 

1. Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse Diet

What To Do?

  • Lots of water each day. 
  • Survive only on the liquid diet. 
  • Solid diet supplements are a big no. 
  • Gulp around more than 6 ready-to-drink juice of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day. 

What Actually Happens?

The weight that leaves your body when you use a juice cleanse weight-loss method, is just the water weight. It is not fat! Following this process may leave you with temporary results. The moment you profoundly go on a cheat day, you’ll gain it all back.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

What To Do?

  • Mix equal portions of Apple Cider Vinegar and water and drink this mix.

What Actually Happens?

This diet plan became a trend only when Megan Fox announced about her daily nutrition diet that had just the Apple Cider Vinegar shots. Vinegar can be really acidic and you may feel nauseous. Also, expect some stomach aches and of course ingestion. Apple cider vinegar for weight loss in 1 week is just another harassment to your body.

3. Five-Bite Diet

5 Bite Diet

What To Do?

  • Skip your breakfast. 
  • Eat anything and everything but only 5 bites of it for both lunch and dinner. 
  • You can drink calorie deficit beverages. 

What Actually Happens?

Eating 5 bites per meal may help you trigger weight loss but ask yourself if this weight loss is worth your well being? This sounds practically impossible. And even if you do it, you may suffer through dizziness, fatigue, and constipation. 

4. Baby Food Diet

Baby Food Diet

What To Do?

  • Prepare 16 jars full of baby food.
  • Eat them throughout your day.
  • Eat one proper meal(optional).

What Actually Happens?

Well, baby food is slightly processed, but then it is for babies. It is not suitable for adults no matter what quantity you are taking in. The concept of staying healthy by eating baby food sounds ridiculously absurd. It is something that should not be misunderstood with a healthy diet at all. 


The Clip Your Nose While You Eat Diet

What To Do?

  • Simply clip your nose while you eat. 
  • This will not let the smell of the food to tempt you. 

What Actually Happens?

This surely is a crazy thing to try but only if you are home alone! Think about going on a date with your nose covered. Will you dare such a thing? I believe No! 

So these were the crazy diet patterns!

These patterns are followed avidly by desperate dieters who are willing to eat anything less or more to reduce weight. It is because the fact here is that everyone today wants to lose weight without sweating out.

In that mission, they put their health at stake. While as per various researches and nutritionists, one should not restrict the nutrients in their diet. There are many ways in which you can incite weight loss. They may be slow in generating the results but they will not harm the body. 

So the next time you find something that says ‘7-day diet plan for weight loss’, you know you need not fall into this! Eat a balanced diet, exercise a little and you will stay in the pink of your health. Focus on your well-being rather than weight-loss!!

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