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2018 Hindu Festivals Calendar Panchangam


Hindu Calendar with list of Hindu Festivals and Fasting days in year 2018 India. Hindu Festivals Calendar is also known as Panchangam. Know Also Important days in Hindu Calendar 2018.

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In Hinduism, there are various calendars used by different cultures across India. A collective term for all these calendars used is Hindu Calendar. All these calendars are solar or lunisolar calendars, majorly lunisolar. The concept of time-keeping in these Calendars is more or less similar but the difference is in the emphasis on the moon cycle or the sun cycle and the start of New Year.

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A Lunisolar Calendar is basically a calendar which indicates lunar phases and time according to solar year. A Hindu Calendar is also referred to as Panchang or Panchangam by many. It is been used since time immemorial by Hindus all over India and Nepal to find out about the dates of Hindu Festivals and to create Hindu Festivals List.

Types of Hindu Calendars

There are various regional Hindu Calendars that are adopted by various cultures. However, the most popular and most extensively used calendars in Hinduism include :

  • Vikrami or Bikrami Calendar

Vikrami Calendar is  founded and adopted by Northern, Central and Western regions of   India. It is a lunisolar calendar.

  • Tamil Calendar

Tamil Calendar is prevalent in the Southern parts of the Indian subcontinent.

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  • Bengali Calendar

Bengali Calendar is adopted in the eastern parts of the country.

All these three calendars lay emphasis on the Lunar cycle and as a result their New Year commences in the Spring season.

  • Malayalam Calendar

Malayalam Calendar is extensively founded and adopted in the regions surrounding Kerala. It is the Hindu Calendar that lays emphasis on the Solar Cycle and their New Year is observed in the months of Autumn.

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How does Hindu Calendar differs from Gregorian Calendar?

There are 354 Lunar Days (12 Lunar Cycles)  in a year and 365 days in a solar year. So, in order to bridge the gap, a Gregorian Calendar adds some extra days in some of the months in the Calendar. On the other hand, a Hindu Calendar does not modify the Lunar cycles. It keeps the cycles intact and add an extra month after some years to ensure that dates of the important festivals and days (tithis) are not changed.

Hindu National Calendar / Indian National Calendar

Indian National Calendar is also known as Saka Calendar. It is the official Hindu National Calendar used in India that enlists Indian Holidays and other Festivals apart from Vikram Samvat calendar. Government of India has adopted Gregorian Calendar as well as Saka Calendar, so it can be rightly called the Government Holidays Calendar.

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Saka Calendar uses tropical solar year and lunar months.

Lunar Months of Hindu Calendars  

There are 12 Lunar months in a Hindu Calendar namely

  • Vaisakha (April-May)
  • Jyeshtha (May-June)
  • Ashadha (June-July)
  • Shraavana (July-August)
  • Bhadra (August-September)
  • Ashvin (September-October)
  • Kartik (October-November)
  • Agahana (November-December)
  • Pausha (December – January)
  • Magha (January-February)
  • Phalgun (February – March)
  • Chaitra (March-April).

Important days in Hindu Calendar 2018

It is significant to know beforehand the important dates of some important Indian Festivals. So, here is a small glimpse on the important days in 2018.   

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  • Mahashivratri – 13th February
  • Holika Dahan – 1st March
  • Holi – 2nd March  
  • Rama Navami – 25th March
  • Id ul Juha – 22nd August
  • Rakshabandhan – 26th August
  • Janmashtami – 3rd September
  • Ganesh Chaturthi – 13th September
  • Anant Chaturdashi – 23rd September
  • Deepawali – 7th November
  • Bhai Dooj – 9th November

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