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10 Best Education Systems In The World

Education is of prime importance, not just to an individual, not just to society but to an entire nation. Irrespective of the country or nation we are living in. As educated individuals, it becomes our paramount responsibility to preserve the education system, because that’s how the history of the nations can be protected. 

Education has a major role to play in helping an individual grasp the fundamental understanding of their culture and of their role as a civilian. The method and basics of education starts to differ when the geographical region starts to differ.

In this era of changing literacy and cultural exchange, many students wish to travel abroad for higher education for a successful career. The sole reason is simple- the need for added knowledge. While this helps in cultural and knowledge exchange, it also promotes multilingualism.

On International Literacy Day 2019, I am listing out the 10 best education systems in the World. If you are an aspiring student who wishes to study abroad, focus on these 10 nations which have the best education systems in the World. 

1. Finland

Education System In Finland

Finland has maintained its position in the top education systems in the World ever since the beginning of the 21st Century. It managed to stay on the top of the list even after the judgement was made complicated by adding 5 new parameters for assessment. 

In the categorization, Finland gave substantial competition to Japan and South Korea. 

What is so good: 

  • Pass percentage of students in Primary schools
  • Pass percentage of students in Secondary schools
  • Student-Teacher ratio

Power Ranking Score: 114

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2. Japan

Education System In Japan

Unaffected by the strong competition coming from South Korea and other countries, Japan has managed to keep its position for the past three years. Continuously bagging the second spot on the list, Japan focuses on literacy that begins at a very young age. 

Education in Japan starts at a very nascent age, and within the experiences of the real world. This is the sole reason why Japan has been holding its place on the list. 

What is so good: 

  • Inculcating the concept of understanding among the students, aged between 5-14. 

Power Ranking Score: 104

3. South Korea

Education System In South Korea

Presenting a strong competition to Japan every year, South Korea has been sticking to the third position for the past 3 years. 

South Korea is the second country that focuses so much on the development of students aged 5-14 years. 

What is so good: 

  • Test scores of high school students
  • Test scores of graduation students

Power Ranking Score: 101

4. Denmark

Education System In Denmark

You may not have expected Denmark to be on this list, but even though Denmark is not recognized for its position on the list, it has been appreciated for its most developed education system. 

Denmark was on 8th position in this list, before 2017. It jumped to position 4 after 5 new indicators were included for evaluation in the year 2017. Taking a direct leap of 4 positions is commendable for Denmark. 

What is so good:

  • Increased teacher-student ratio for primary and secondary schools

Power Ranking Score: 94

5. Russia

Education System In Russia

Russia should be applauded for being in the top 5 countries with the best education system. The most amazing thing about Russia’s education system is that they prepare students to be workplace ready. 

What is so good:

  • Teacher student ratio of 1:9, i.e. one teacher per 9 students. 

Power Ranking Score: 91

6. Norway

Education System In Norway

Norway has come a long way from the last poll when it was on the 16th position. After bringing about some major transformations in their education system, Norway jumped straight to the 6th position. Competing well with Russia and Japan in the teacher-to-student ratio, Norway is on the way to getting a higher position in the list. 

What is so good:

  • Teacher-Student ratio of about 1:10 

Power Ranking Score: 82

7. The United Kingdom

Education System In The United Kingdom

The education system of United Kingdom could have taken it to the top 5 positions had it not been for the current disagreements between the teachers and the government. Due to these brawls between the government and teachers, position of The United Kingdom fell down to 7th position. 

Only if the government of UK could handle the issues of teachers in a more effective manner, like giving them a better salary, improved support in the classroom, and providing modern teaching facilities. 

Power Ranking Score: 78

8. Israel

Education System In Israel

Israel might be on 8th position in its education system, but in terms of upbringing of kids, Israel ranks second in the World. Enormous changes in the development of children have been observed in recent years. 

What is so good:

  • This betterment in childhood development has increased the enrollment in primary schools and graduation. 

Power Ranking Score: 77

9. Sweden

Education System In Sweden

Sweden’s impressive progress in the education field from the past 3 years has led to the growth in enrolment rate of the students between the ages of 15 to 18.

Not far away from its sister countries Finland, Norway and Denmark; Sweden still has a lot of work to do in order to improve its ranking. 

Power Ranking Score: 75

10. Hong Kong

Education System In Hong Kong

Hong Kong has managed to jump straight from 14th position in the last year and made it to the top 10. The way they have worked on the key indicators for moving to the 10th position is really commendable. 

With the increased enrollment rate in primary schools, only if the passing test scores would have improved too, then the country would have been in the top 5. 

What is so good:

  • Increased enrollment rate in primary schools. 

Power Ranking Score: 70

These top 10 nations with the best education system around the World are listed on the basis of the recent surveys and multiple key parameters. 

If you are planning to move abroad with your family in the hope of a better career, then this list will be of great help for you to decide which country is more feasible for the education of children.

On International Literacy Day 2019, let’s unite to encourage literacy in all parts of the World and pledge to do our part for improving the education systems of our country. 

What’s your take on the education system of your country? Let us know in the comments section.

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